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  • Yeah I'm just finding this out. Idk why I bother. Everyone using that kind of stuff have full time jobs or in school and have friends their own car, etc..
    I didn't stay anyway. I usually pop in and out. I'll check them out. I'm hooked on Glass Animals right now so I can probably use something else to wean me off a bit. Yeah, I'll probably not meet anyone from there either. I just joined though.
    Hey, Chris! Thanks a lot for your suggestions in reading for abstract algebra... I really enjoyed the class... so much so that I decided to take a followup course in ring theory.

    If you don't mind my asking, what types of algebras do you study?
    I have an idea to attract customers for tutoring. Advertise a no obligation(no commitment) free hour of tutoring. It will be a lot of work for nothing but it may help you attract clients and referrals. "Might" be worth a shot.
    Chris, how have you been doing? It's been a long while. Sorry, I neglected this site, haven't been on in at least a year. Is everything okay?
    Chris, thank you for the reply. I have taken linear algebra and number theory and am very excited to tackle the enigmatic "abstract algebra" and all its mysteries.

    I will be taking an introductory course in modern algebra this fall and wanted to build a foundation before the class began. So far I have started reading Rotman's 'introduction to theory of groups' and a few other introductory texts, but, having no experience from which to evaluate the books, I figured asking you, someone experienced with algebra, would be a good idea. I downloaded Artin's book and am having fun with the matrix approach so far.

    I think I remember you saying that you study math at the graduate level. What does research in pure mathematics look like? I find it difficult to visualize a "day in the lab" for a researching pure mathematician and would like to hear what it's like for you!
    Chris, are there any books that you would recommend for an especially good introduction to algebra?
    Hey chris, it has been a long time. I haven't been on here much lately, how have you been doing? What has changed? Nice to hear from you
    Hey Chris, could you help me with my math? Im in college taking basic courses right now, but I'm pretty sharp lol I promise I know how to count... Lol
    Chris, I know how you feel. I just moved back in with my parent and I should get a PhD. I do plan on going to school soon and pursue something that will give me a chance to make much more than minimum wage.
    my brain goes to other places and i was tryin to draw a thing but it didn't work and i came back and you had already left even though it was only a minute later from your last post and that's why you prolly didn't see me say bye so i'll say it now: bye chris
    like that run-on? :p *gives you a purple umbrella so you can have new adventures*
    Hey Chris, added you a while back but never left you a message, so here I am now. How's it going? What university are you at?
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