how does your depression feel metaphorically


You want to know how I got these scars?
Describe your feelings when you're down, what it feels like inside when the black dog is following you again.
Mine is something like this.

I'm miles from home. From comfort. I am truly alone.
Sun's light is dying, darkness is growing in strength.
I walk forward, no purpose in the steps I take.
I look toward the horizon hoping to see light, only to see lights last stand swallowed by black.

I move on, knowing to stay here would mean this place would become my home forever.
The thought of being in this place for evermore scares me.
Cold, hard rain drops begin to fall upon me, from the black void above.
The drops land on me stinging from the cold. Yet, I hardly notice the pain.
The water gathers and makes its way into my eyes..blurring my sight.
It rolls down my cheeks, over my lips.
I no longer know which way I should go.

Yet I turn up my collar and move on..hoping that light will return.
I don't want to live here.

This is not my home.
It feels like I am drowning in the middle of the ocean alone, and my body is too exhausted to continue treading water.


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I feel angry at being born the way I am, I feel cheated and just wish that I had died at birth..... like I was meant to.

I feel like I have been pulled into a permanent state of peril while being slowly and painfully suffocated day after day after day. I am bruised, scarred, and sheltered from the earth, as well as myself. It's like being trapped in a horrendous prison all while trying desperately and hopelessly to be freed from these evil demons that will not surrender by any means. It's the pain of keeping myself self existing and breathing. I am my depression, I am my anxiety, I'm nothing else anymore. It's all that defines me now. I am not good with words or describing my emotions, but it's basically hopelessness at its best. I think we all know how horrible this can be.
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I almost feel ashamed for being in a world full of people that live happy, fulfilling lives while I merely stand at the way-side and watch everything slowly pass me by... like a single, withered tree in the middle of a scorched wasteland, though *cursed* with the knowledge that, just over a distant hill, lies a verdant forest where shade, nourishment, and comradarie are in plentiful supply... all I have to do is *move*, and all my worries will cease...

Yet I just can't find the capacity to *care*, since the thought of taking even a single step completely exhausts me. Instead, I choose to languish in the *known* and *familiar* rather than explore a new horizon...

But screw all *that* noise. I'm a tree, damnit. 'Leaf' me alone. >.<
Its like having an old, slow, unreliable car that you never know if its about to break down yet again and you cannot plan a journey as you don't know if it will make it. Sometimes it runs wonderfully, but mostly not, which only highlights what unmet potential there is


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Clear bright white sadness. A knowing that I'm stuck in my own misery.
It always seem more real and clear than feeling happy.


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Like my feet are trapped in mud... but the mud is warm, familiar, and safe so I don't put up much of a fight.


Hie yer hence from me heath!
It's a withered tree.

It's like huvin a school bully stuck inside yer heid - constantly kickin' ye when yer feelin' down.

It's kinda like Piers Morgan... Really annoyin'. :giggle:


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It's like an anvil pushing on my heart and a black veil wrapped around my mind, warping and darkening my thoughts.

It's also like an entity sapping all my energy and motivation before I even have the chance to claim it.

Depression is just about the worst thing ever.


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I feel like I am swallowed up in the depths of despair. The deeper I sink the heavier my heart and soul become. I grasp at the wind, trying to get hold of something that I can leverage myself with but the darkness, as thick as it is, does not hold anything solid in it. All my failures come up in my face, and my mind is provoked by the assault. I feel weak and pathetic and worthless to be even called a person in this world. The night seems to linger on, and there are no stars in the sky. Just thick heaviness and darkness covers the air around me and through me until I am no more, lost within a dimension within a dimension, with no one who can snatch me out of my despair.


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I feel like I'm cloaked in darkness. An eerie sinister feeling takes over and I feel high. I'm reckless, angry, and frustrated. There's also feeling of immortality. Then after all that passes I feel like I'm in denial about death. Like I'm waiting to die. I feel heavy and weighed down. I loose my appetite and stay in bed all day. When I'm awake I critique myself and blame myself for why my life has taken such a drastic turn.
I feel like I'm doing 25 to life in an all-glass prison for a crime which I don't even know I've committed. The all-glass prison means I can see the outside world having fun and living relatively normal lives while I live a life of solitude and misery on the inside, a silent and bewildered observer, wondering what's the point of it all. Death seems almost an escape but paradoxically terrifies every fibre in my body, ensuring I'm left to endure my sentence.

occasionally I can break down those glass walls and mix it with the outsiders but inevitably the wardens soon find me and throw me back in my cell.


I feel like a rat in a maze of never ending darkness... only there's no cheese as a reward, there's nothing but the darkness...