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  • Lol.I suppose the riff question is tricky to answer off the top of your head.I dont know all the guitar terms but in Foxy Lady by Jimmy Hendrix,before he sings the line Foxy lady he plays a nice bit of guitar I think.Hendrix is another guitarist I like.

    Also in Under the bridge by RHCP there is nice guitaring I think.This song lyrically is one of my favourites too.

    Welcome to the Jungle by Guns n Roses has guitaring in it I like.
    Hi.Electric guitars I guess suits a certain type of playing and music compared to acoustic.I do like a riff or two in a rock song.The best ones stick in the mind after the song has finished.

    What are some of your favourite riffs from songs.

    Some of my favourite guitarists are James Dean Bradfield,Slash,Mark Tremoni,Mathew Belamy,Billy Corgan,Dave Grohl.
    .Not sure why but for some reason I left the message meant for you,that I sent a few days,on my page instead of yours.

    It sounds like you have been playing guitar for quite a while.Do you get more enjoyment out of playing electric or acoustic guitar.

    I only know 5 chords so far on the acoustic guitar but I can switch between them quite quickly and can play them from memory.

    I have only been playing for a short time but I love hearing and playing a guitar.Amazing instrument which when played by a skilled muscian is one of the loviliest sounds in the world I think.

    Do you have any favourite guitarists.
    Okay.What instruments do you play.I have been learning the acoustic guitar for a few months.I find it relaxing.The guitar is my favourite instrument to listen to along with the piano.
    Hi.I like guitar focussed groups with strong lyrics. Foofighters, Alterbridge ,Metalica,Smashing pumpkins,Muse,Linkin Park,POD and othersI like some rnb and classical also.I try to listen to music most days.

    What groups do you like.
    Yeah, buddy. Glad to see another Merzbow fan on here! I made a noise thread when I came back to this site, but I don't think anybody else is really into it ;/
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