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  • Yeah AIM is fine, just let me know what your user name after you make an account. I have an aim account and I wish people used it more but a lot of people are switching over to Skype.
    I'm doing pretty good. Sorry for the late reply. I've been away from the Forum for awhile. I added you to my list cause I'd like to become your friend. Hope this is okay with you. :)
    It was one of the first animes , that really got me into liking anime so much. I did too. I don't see how anyone couldn't. Who's side were you on L's or Light's?
    I listen to metal ranging from disturbed to six feet under. In fact my user name is based on a song by five finger death punch called war is the answer, now i have to find out the question to the answer myself.
    Hi, i absolutely love ur username. What metal bands do u listen to? and most importantly if metal is the answer---what is the question?
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