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  • not exactly, its got a science bent. it touchs on the evolution of the face, and the psychology of it, however you spell that. and plus, people are identified by their facial features. it just goes into the details of it.
    I'm 19! How old are you, scrabbl?

    What sort of fun stuff are you studying in school?

    I've just finished my last semester before fall... so I don't have anything specific to do at the moment. Due to the excessive heat and humidity, I've basically spent my time sleeping and, to some extent, reading. I've been hoping for some nice weather so that I can explore the world comfortably... but I have yet to experience any such thing :(

    What are your plans for the day?
    lol, I like the shrimp idea :)

    I'd like to be a fin whale because they are quite intelligent, at the top of their food chain and traverse the oceans of the world in relatively small pods of 6-10 whales, which sounds quite alright to me. It would be neat to be such a large, powerful creature..


    how are you doing today? What kinds of fun or eventful things have you been having for yourself?
    Hi hi, thanks for being my friend, Scrabbl! I don't know why you'd want to... but I'm glad you do :)

    If you had to be any non-human animal, what would you be, and why?
    Thanks for the nice comment you made in a post :D Made my day..I usually find out later when someone disses me or quotes me when I am deleting past posts lol (I don't get notifications)
    Midas is actually quite a good player. Had his really glory days as well as his off days. Just like anyone else. But it's not just with Midas. JD's other matches also were pretty brutal. Which channel do you usually watch SC on if you want commentating?
    Have you seen the vids man? I think JD is downright mad that Baby elbowed him out of one of the tournaments recently. He looks like he wants to kill someone in the game. Yeah.. he's out for blood this time. Poor Midas... haha.

    You think he can beat Flash and another guy to win the whole thing? Flash is the Terran Terminator after all...
    Hey, I just saw your post "success story" and I commented on that. I just thought it was great to here how you got through such rough times. Most people that commented used the word "inspiring," and I am definitely inspired by what you said! Your hard work and pushing through rough times really paid off, and I respect you so much for that :)
    Watched the most recent JD games? I think he's really mad... craaazy strong play. I'm now a fan!
    Haha... yeah.. the youtube commenters were saying he got bitten by boxer lol...
    Take Dr Dronee's prescription for stress. Lol... (vgg)
    YouTube - free[gm] vs HiyA[fOu] [08 May, 2010] 4set @ Ro8 Hana DaeToo Stock MSL 2010
    Haha my apm isn't really high either. I've problems with multitasking in general... You getting starcraft 2?
    I actually like all the matchups but I feel that the Zergs are underpowered. What's your usual strategy? Unfortunately for myself, my connection is horrible, so I don't play online...
    I agree with you there. Only that I think that m&m are extremely mobile and vultures are probably the single fastest unit in the game. Only siege tanks are somewhat slow. Even Goliaths are alright. Also, Terran has liftoff which gives high durability scout and makes CCs very hard to snipe. Haha... but anyway, my favorite matchup is TvP. Yours?
    haha, its just cause i seen somewhere you posted something about "kindergarten" and it made me laugh and i thought about that film :) we call it "primary school" :)
    YouTube - HD Starcraft Zero v Skyhigh g3 p1

    I think that's the one. Oh? Do you play chess as well? Yeah... I also feel that the SC2 graphics feels a little too detailed somehow. The original had a 'cleaner' feel to it somehow.

    Honestly, I always felt that terrans themselves are imba. M&Ms, Mechs... Crazy 75 minerals vultures that can potentially wipe out a small army with their spider mines alone and with micro can take down almost any number of zerglings and zealots... I played through the campaign missions sometimes. With the Terran parts, I just had to use my off hand alone without using hotkeys or whatever... and still found it too easy. Sure, it's campaign and it's AI... but come on...
    No problem man. Zero vs Skyhigh third game (very long ago) is also a very good example of strategy (He attacked with three drones in the beginning of the match against Terran!!!)...

    I pretty much watch almost every match of starcraft. It's sad that SC2 will replace SC1. But SC2 is beginning to show signs of greatness as well.
    Hey there man... I recalled that you're into starcraft and JD... You might want to check out Jaedong vs Midas on youtube's Jon 747 recently... You won't regret it. It's amazing!!!
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