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  • De La Soul and Eric B & Rakim... dude you rock.

    (Although man, I was listening to those tracks when they came out, probably before you were born.)
    I also prefer to work for somebody, at least by now. I have thought about being photographer but I never took it too seriously. I think it's a hard job and you have to get specialized in things that maybe you're not happy with. I prefer it as a hobby.

    Now I'm finishing my graphic design career and I have some relation with photography, and I like it that way! It's also a good way to evade and break routine :)
    Yeah, it's always good to change. I usually get bored of my avatars and it becomes really hard to choose one new.

    Have you ever thought about working as a photographer or you prefer it as a hobby? :)
    I have stared like 20 seconds at your avatar. It has something deeply agitating. It's really funny! Haha ;D
    Oh, derp. I originally would have liked to stop when my post count was 666. But I just couldn't help myself.
    I'm on the list! Yessssss! And I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that that track made this later portion of my night which was turning out quite bland. The piano 'diddly diddly' - soooooooooo good.
    Yeah, I can hear that!

    And whoaaaa, the track itself is pretty good, but you're right about the backtrack... mmm, yum yum.
    I had no idea either! Sneaaaaky, sneaky. I thought I saw it the one time, so I just stared at your avatar for a while, and sure enough! : )
    Ahhhhh, Bugs and Daffy Blinked at me! At first I thought it was just a product of my crazy, but nope. It happened!
    Hey, I never did answer you... I'm crap ::(: Just wanted to wish you a happy christmas and a new year filled with awesomenessness :) x
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