eldest/middle child/youngest/only child

what is your position in your family?

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This isnt as simple as it sounds.

im an only child between my parents.

But my mother had a child before me (different father), whom I did NOT grow up with.

And then had kids after me, who I did grow up with (different dad).

So I am an only child, middle child & oldest child all at once - depends which part of my family Im hanging out with.


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Another thread started me thinking about this

I think its interesting.

So where do you fall in your family?

I was wondering, are only children more likely to have SA, or would having siblings make any difference (or a worse one).
I loved being an only child, all my toys were mine, I didnt have to put up with an older siblings bs or babysit a younger sibling. Right now I live with my dad, he has the master bedroom, I have the three rooms on the other side of the house, I love it (but I actually hate the place overall)


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Youngest of three, ah've got 2 older sisters. And am the only male sibling on ma muther's side uh the family. That last detail isnae important, jist thought ah'd included it fur nae apparent reason. :giggle: