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  • Ooooh, I have bad memories of that town. ha ha

    I guess it's even tougher being phobic in such a large place. I lived just outside of Greensboro a few years ago, and the weekends were especially bad.
    Anything's possible, though I'd imagine it would be difficult, given our anxieties. ha ha

    There's actually a few people from NC here that I've noticed over the years. Specifically, Greybeardghost is in Asheville, I think, and I remember another guy being in Winston Salem.

    I'm about 50 miles from Raleigh, whereabouts do you live?
    It's a bit unbelieveable to me. I usually had hobbies that would keep me busy all day. Now I'm the sleep-all-day or do-nothing-all-day depressed.
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