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  • Hi Lavinialuna! I like your replies on many topics! :) You mentioned you've had an autoimmune disease - have you tried nutrition? It can often help (eg for rheumatism or lupus etc not sure what you have) Take care & hope things improve for you!
    No problem.The anonmity of the online world is good in some ways and bad in others.People can become very drawn into it and focus less on offline relationships.Also there can be alot of bile spouted online by trolls hiding behind their computers on sites like twitter etc.Lots of offensive things being sad at times.

    I dont use many non anxiety social sites.Only facebook occasionly.How about you.

    There are lots of possitive things though about being online.
    Appoligises for slow response.I will respond more quickly to other messages.Its interesting how peoples confidence or lack of affects all areas of their lives.

    Maybe some people feel more able to express themselves if they belief their faces can not be seen.Phyiologically.
    Hi.You have a pic on your profile.Lots of people dont seem confident enough to do that on the site.I can understand why, but its nice to know what the person looks like.
    I'm glad to hear it. You sounded like you were having a bad day the other day so I just wanted to check on ya.
    hello, thanks for your attention, I am okay, I don't felt the quake, hehehe but everybody in the house ir okay too. :)
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