Do you use Facebook? Are you for or against it?

Do you use Facebook?

  • Yes. It's great! I get to post pictures and boast about my social life!

    Votes: 6 4.3%
  • I have an account but only to keep in touch with a few people.

    Votes: 57 40.7%
  • I have an account but i hardly ever use it.

    Votes: 49 35.0%
  • No. Facebook is a waste of time.

    Votes: 28 20.0%

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No, this isn't a thread so i can "add" people on there. ::p: I do have a Facebook account, mainly just so i can keep in touch with family i don't see very often and a few friends.

I have considered closing my account down a few times but then i wouldn't be able to keep in touch with certain people. I feel like it's a necessary evil because there are people on there that i'd rather not have to see. I know you don't have to look at somebody's profile but if you're online the temptation is just too great.

Facebook depresses me quite a bit, especially when you see people with 1000+ photos and updating their status about how happy they are. All in all i don't really like it.

How about you?


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I use it to stalk people and for the occasional trolling.

I laugh when people upload 50 pictures from the party they're at. Why not have fun instead of being on Facebook? Seems all to fake to me.


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i do have a facebook account. my appreciation of it varies with my mood. when i'm feeling sociable, i find it really helpful; other times, depressing.


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I use Facebook mainly as a news feed and it works great for that purpose, and simply hide on the feed those histories of people I don't care/don't wanna see. I used to stalk my former mates or other people and became depressed for this, but at this point I closed my account. After a year, I signed up again, and since then just use it the way I like it, and as said it's pretty useful to keep in touch. Plus, I've even had some social successes on it, since I use to check the other people's events so if I'm in a mood to join I do.


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It keeps me in touch with people, so I'm happy for it.

Strangely enough, I don't feel that bothered by what other people are posting about themselves on Facebook. It just makes me more determined to find a way to make my own life into something that I'm happy about whether or not I have photo galleries, tons of comments, etc. I guess it helps that I wouldn't want to upload all of that anyway because I don't like broadcasting my thoughts and activities to a crowd like that.


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very few people have perfect, trouble-free lives. most of us have problems of one kind or another, most of us experience pain and unhappiness.

some people would rather concentrate on the good things in their lives that bring them joy. facebook simply provides them the opportunity to share those thoughts and events with others - perhaps to reinforced those feelings, perhaps in the hopes of spreading the joy, perhaps to share in the joyful things that others post as well.

some people would rather just concentrate on their own pain and unhappiness. facebook doesn't offer much to them, i guess.


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have a facebook but rarely post anything. if i post stuff, its pics i found on tumblr, creepypasta, or just interesting things ive found that i find interesting. its rare though. ive wanted to delete my account, but i keep it in case someone needs to contact me for whatever reason


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I didn't vote, because there was not an option for "I have a fake account, but I hardly ever use it".

I don't want to have an account because I don't want others to see how pathetic and empty my life is. Also when I'm looking at others' accounts (colleagues, past friends from high school/university) I get very depressed that they have a life and I don't.


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I have FB but im VERY particular about who i allow to add me. Ive had people from my past id rather not have follow me forward in life. Hence why i almost always burn my bridges in certain situations.


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I wish some of the people on my list would talk about how happy they are for a change... It's mostly moaning and complaining...

I can't answer the poll, as I don't use it to keep in touch with anyone, but I don't boast about a social life either lol.

I have an account and I use it frequently... I just tend to post random things which are on my mind... Happy, sad, angry, funny, interesting... Whatever... I hardly ever get a comment or a "like" and nobody talks to me, but who cares? I like to ramble to myself, so it's all good...


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I have an account, but don´t use it every single day. In many ways I dislike facebook, partly because it can be used as a surveillance tool for the government or others who want information about people.


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I have an account; as once you make one it never goes away-- you can 'deactivate it' but it'll still be there.
I'd prefer not to have one at all but since becoming a recluse, it seems to be the only way of communication between myself and my extended family- whom may message me once a year to ask if I'm still alive.

Also; my sister has been posting photos of herself through her pregnancy-- which my mother has been enjoying immensely.
I'll probably activate my account again once the baby is born to keep up with what's going on when I'm not living with her and the baby.

Other than that though-- it's useless.
I wish people would just email me but I suppose that's too much hassle while facebook exists.


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Facebook has caused people to be written up or fired at my job....
I've watched the biggest lying backstabbing schmucks from that place use it to keep in touch with each other... Like more acquaintances waiting in line to stab you in the back, or fail at something is a good thing...

Plus, there's an awful lot of really idiotic postings on facebook, minute by minute BS from ppls lives that nobody cares about...

So, while I agree it can be a way for family and friends to keep in touch, & enjoy laughs and pictures... It can also be a mind-numbingly stupid status symbol and festival of self flagellation that some of us would rather not be a part of. :rolleyes: