Childhood Picture Thread


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Aww, love this thread! Everyone here was so cute as kids :)

Here's me with my mum and little bro:

Carefree times (sigh):

This is how I spent half of my childhood, with my nose in a book:
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I agree with princess haru, little miss strange, that picture portrait has the most fascinating color and lighting. I could easily imagine it covering the wall of a young 17th century princess.

here's me as a little monkey

I had the sick-awesomest pants then!


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Just seen this thread it's cute. Thought I'd chime in:

3ish I think. Was a blondie 'til I was about 5:

About 10. Thought I was the coolest cat in town in that shirt :cool:

14 I think:

Better times. ^_^


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Don't chase your sister with a wheelbarrow. Especially down the slate path in mom's garden. That is the path to the emergency room.


YES, I had girly hair :) Maybe my mom wanted a girl instead, she sure freaked out when a nanny took me to the hairdresser, and I came back with short hair :eek: :) Sorry about the picture quality, my sister's scanner sucks ! (sorry sis)
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