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  • i'm sorry if i'm slow with writing. i'm really swamped with school, and i'm so behind in everything. i shouldn't even be on here!
    i was actually thinking about writing a book but its fkn dark in scotland so i cant see much:D
    i looked up "how to write a book" but it needs a fkn title! i had planned to write the book first and then call the book "finished"
    its against the rules though :D
    i hope your doing good mr meatcake. FOR REAL:D
    ps. watch out for those god damn bats!
    I'm sorry you had another paper due so soon. I hope you do just as well on this one! And thanks so much for the luck! :)
    That's so awesome! Congrats on getting a perfect score!! Hard work really does pay off! I had a feeling you would do well because you seem like a very intelligent person and express yourself very well in your posts. I hope you have a nice and relaxing weekend, you deserve it!

    haha! I could use all the luck I can get with that too! :)
    Aww, you're welcome! I'm glad it seemed to help, but I'm sure you didn't need it! :) That's great that you got it finished! You should pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to something nice. I'm sure you did fine! :)
    You're very welcome!! I'm glad that my good luck was a help to you!
    How did it go? I'm sure it was excellent because you are really smart. :)

    No, I haven't tired melatonin yet, but i'm thinking about it, I get about 4-5 hours of sleep a night :/ I'll let you know if I try it and how it goes.

    Take care..keep in touch !! :)
    It's hard sometimes being around other couples and trying not to let it get you down.

    I remember in school I had this instructor and we would have to write papers and I felt like I would pour my heart and soul out, only for him to tell me I needed to write it over again. I think he was always just trying to bring out the best in us, but I would get so frustrated trying to rewrite it after it took me so long to write it in the first place so I know how frustrating that is. Good luck with it! :)
    Yes, it's my sister and her husband that are here visiting. I'm really close to her and my brother-in-law is a cool guy, so I don't really have problems with anxiety around them which is nice for a change. :)

    I used to feel that way all the time when I had to write papers too. I hope you do well on it! I'm sure you will! :)
    They are fun to have around. They are always up to something. lol!

    What are you writing your paper on? Is this for school?

    My weekend is going ok, thanks. :) I have some family coming to visit this evening and they will be staying for a few days.
    It seems I feel that way even when i'm not anticipating anything, it's just constant... thanks for responding to my complaining..:p

    and thanks, i've been playing alot lately.

    Good luck with your paper! :)
    Hey...I can't sleep. sometimes my brain just won't shut off and I keep thinking about stupid things and worrying myself into anxiety. Do you ever get that way? I wish I had some melatonin, or some valium :/
    How are you?
    Thanks! I have 4 cats. I started with 2, and then the other 2 were strays that wandered up, and I couldn't turn them away. I also have a dog, 2 birds, a fish, and a dwarf rabbit. I guess I have my own little zoo around here. lol! Thanks for adding me! Hope you're having a nice weekend! :)
    I am good, thanks. How about yourself? Hope you are doing well. Aww, that's nice that you are a cat lover too! :)
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