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  • Hello! Wow, can I just say, your dolls are... um... wow... penetrating in their looks... but very meticulous in their design! I can tell you definitely put a lot of work into it. :D hehe I saw them posted in the Artist thread, where you can post your work.
    where'd you go haru? i hope you're doing alright.
    i hope you didn't get scared off cause everyone had a crush on you! :)
    hi haru, sorry it's been so long - i'm gonna try to reconstruct my message that died. i was so disheartened after that happened i could hardly bear to rewrite it again. so i'll do little bits at a time.
    anyway, yeah, i LOVE the prb - the first one i saw was that ophelia by millais, and i was like omg, this is IT - i found the style! i was sad to find that that was his best one though. but from there i found burne-jones, who is my fav painter. some of his stuff is kinda too flowery for me, but his later stuff is darker, and more awesome.
    and i love waterhouse also - i really want to see the lady of shallott in person someday. have you seen it?
    i forget if it was in the message, but the tate was closed when i was there, so i missed out on a lot of good stuff. so i'm gonna have to go back someday :)
    anyway, hope you're doing well :)
    okay, ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ctrl+a, ctrl+c, ...
    Hi! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, I wasn't on the forum for ages, was feeling too down to be able to handle this place, it can get a bit miserable sometimes :rolleyes: But I'm much better now! How are you doing? Any jobs or anything at the minute? Have you been getting out in the nice weather? Hope you're doing well anyways :)
    I love Ghibli and thought it looked a bit like that... I've not seen The Cat Returns.

    I like Howl's Castle and Princess Mononoke
    Hi! Aww, I'm so sorry about the break with your boyfriend but I truly hope everything works out for the best. Well done for facing change; change always tends to freak me out a bit, XD. I'm sure it will be really positive. You must be so excited about going back to where you grew up!

    Oh, I'm surviving, thanks. XD Haha. School isn't going too great but then I'm going to be leaving it soon and going to another school to do my A-Levels, so I can't wait for that! I badly need a change of scenery. Lol.

    Anyway, take care, and good luck with everything! *hugs*

    Hello :)

    Sorry I haven't been on in ages, I feel so guilty!

    How is everything going with you then? (Sorry, lame question! Haha)

    Take care.

    Hey again,im so sorry to hear about the break with your boyfriend *huggles* its good your kind of excited though about it being maybe a new start,its good and brave of you to see the positive,sometimes its too easy to get wrapped up in self pity.But yeah I would love to stay in touch,and im the same about not wanting to call people (we are so alike!)so yeah I will pm you my mobile number and stuff :) And yeah it would be nice if you can still come on spw when you get the chance because you are a big personality on this site and so helpful.
    Hiya Princess, i am soooooooooooo sorry for not writing back to you, i've been pretty down lately, but i am feeling so much better now (thank gawd) how are things with you? Have you been out and about with your boyfriend and his son down the pond recently? i'm still so jealous that you get to do that grrrrrrrrrr
    I've been getting out and about a bit as well, still prefer being indoors but the big bad world isn't seeming so scary these days..anyway keep in touch and i promise that noow i'm feeling better i'll reply a lot sooner than i have been hehe
    Re: OMG, your avatar is the little worm from Labyrinth!! I love that film
    yeah, he makes for a great avatar :)
    Congrats on getting though it! Will you miss not going into work now you've finished? :p I had a phone interview for topshop once and hell knows what i'd be like if I ever got behind a counter. I totally flunked it though when they asked me the latest fashions. I was like.. err, jeans and t-shirt?! ESA is a million times better than JSA. I was never really on jsa but i know you have to apply for x number of jobs per week, on esa they don't ask you. I think it's a good stepping stone anyway, gives you time without being hassled. I've been really bored tbh! No volunteering on this weekend and it's been raining anyway. I've got nothing to do!
    Hey, i'm not too sure about the NI thing you know. I've never had a job before (combination of being in education/fear), but i'm on employment and support allowance which is £50 a week. I didn't go on jsa because no way could I meet their demands. You're right that doing something is good for you though. I had to go down today and they have something called 'permited work' now where you can work up to 16 hours and still claim ESA. Best of both worlds. You should look into it because you might be better off money wise. :) (Jesus i'm sounding like one of them :s).
    I admire you in being proactive looking for work (especially retail.!). It's something i've put off for a long time.
    (part deux)

    Have you found out if you got the job in the sandwich shop? I used to work in a pub and i absolutely loved it, that was back when i could kind of manage my SA lol
    You sound just like me...i'd be happy in the middle of nowhere, with no people or things to stress me around, just animals, fresh air and all the things i like to keep me occupied...if i had the money i would definitely buy my own island somewhere :)
    I didn't go for my walk...i chickened out, i'm forever saying i'll do stuff then when it comes time to do it i run away and hide hehe
    It sounds so nice what you do with your bf and his son though, that's the kind of thing i would do if we had cool animals to find around here, all we have are rats, mice and squirrels lol If we had things like grass snakes and stuff i think i'd be out every day trying to find them!
    That would be really cool if you sent me some links...i would really love to draw properly, when i see pictures like what you do i'm amazed at how good they are, you really are a talented artist, even though you do have your doubts...believe me you have no need to worry about what you do because it's brilliant!
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