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  • Hey. Glad you enjoyed it. Ring theory is a very broad subject. There are more varieties of rings than of groups. I used to study noncommutative algebra. Typically, I looked at rings equiped with derivations, which are generalizations of differentiation. I guess if you want a name for it it would be noncommutative algebra or differential algebra. Lately though I've been doing algebraic geometry, which is basiclly the same thing as commutative algebra. You can apply some of the ideas of the subject to combinatorial problems, and that can be quite lovely. If you want some specific algebras to look up... Google Weyl Algebras, Stanley-Reiser Algebras, or Cohen-Maculay algebras.
    rotman's book is good, bt don't feel like you have to read the whole thing. it's very large, and covers a lot of material you won't have motivation for.
    Hey hippie. I'm not sure what you mean by algebra. If you mean highschool type algebra, then I have no recomendations for you. If you mean 'abstract' algebra, then I have several. One book is Artin's Algebra. It is a really good book, and you'll learn almost all of undergraduate algebra if you read it all. Another possibility, though I wouldn't reccomend it for a beginer, is Hungerford's Algebra, in the GTM series.

    If you have never seen linear algebra before, then I strongly reccomend that you learn that subject first, although it isn't absolutly nessacary--especially if you learn through artin as he introduces the subject. If you haven't seen elementary number theory, you need to learn some. In particular, you want to know the division algorithm, modular arithmetic, and prime power factorization.

    Feel free to ask me more questions.
    I would love to, that would just be all kinds of awesome :). When is spring break? I actually don't have school or work at the moment so I have nothing but free time, and a road trip sounds amazing!
    I quite enjoyed reading your response to that thread about becoming more psychopathic. For a fraction of a second, my initial response was going to be similar--but then that whole 'consider your audience' thing kicked in. ;)
    Hello there, friend. It is nice that we can chat together. I am surprised to find that you fit close to my criteria of a guy. :). I write mostly about fantasy, anything of fantasy genre or maybe drama. I like to be original and creative in my work, not the usual dragons or elves/dwarves, the creatures I created are far apart from that. If you'd like I can share half of the beginning of my trilogy to you and see what you think about it. I hope we can talk soon, peace my friend ;)
    You won't believe this but I still have that piece of doodle you mailed me years ago haha. Those times were great. I no longer have interest in that like I use to.
    Happy birthday hippie! Celebrating by drowning in lecture notes? :)

    I came to the conclusion that perspective was pretty much the single most important part of art technically... I picked up a book last week and it seems Leonardo went further. He said that art is *just* perspective.

    I'm trying to figure out how the computer 3D renderer thinks and hope to mimic it a little which sort of puts me down the path of draftsmanship and technical sketching. It's tough to me. How's your studies going along?
    Hi hippie...

    I just realized recently how much I should study art-related maths and physics. These past few weeks, I'm beginning to see how much these are inter related!
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