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  • make me a pole red ribbons, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
    "should FOR REAL be a moderator" yes or no!!!!
    i would love to see the results :D
    I dont get why they would take it away. Doesnt hurt anyone, and for those who dont like it, dont use it! Yeah the chatbox was one thing that I liked most about this site.
    one more.

    "It's a great job. I had eight years of Camelot, I've said that," he said. "It's the Roman Empire of college basketball."

    Louisville coach Rick Pitino on the Kentucky head coaching vacancy.
    LMFAO you caught me, i am going to send you a UK basketball t shirt so you can take a pic in it and post it on here.
    "In Kentucky, you can't love your grandmother more than basketball,'' said Van Florence, the 30-year president of the Committee of 101, the UK booster organization. "And if you did, your grandmother would tell you you're stupid."
    The real thing. It was truly heartbreaking. It has become known as "the shot".

    YouTube - Kentucky v Duke: Hill Pass, Laettner Jumper
    LOL thats awesome you watched Dodgeball did you like it? That video Chris Farley is making light of a basketball game where my beloved Kentucky Wildcats got beat by a last second shot in the NCAA tourney...the game is considered the best ever played, we lost:(
    Hmm..well I'm in to my second year of college. Moved into this new place with a delightfully racist landlady. It's always very educational to listen to her tell me all about Asian people O_O. Lately I've been trying to get treatment for my anxiety but without much luck. Still hoping though! What about you?
    No but i did get to listen to it really closely this time and thats what it says. Damit Paul Brill blows!
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