Childhood Picture Thread


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Lol! well only had a really young pic i guess early early primary school but yeh i think i've even got a receding hairline...

me and my red zip and buttons lmao



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I was such an ugly baby my parents had to tie bacon round my neck so that the dog would play with me :evil:


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what a genius idea for a thread!!! here's me,

I'm the fatty at the front! [I hope my bro's and sis don't find out I've posted this picture! they'll kill me!!!]



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All soo cute! :p Would post but haven't got a scanner and don't know how to upload photo on here. I'm not all that technical. Wait, just figured it out. I don't know why I'm making such a funny face? Anyway me about 5 years old or something...sorry for the size it's kinda large, but can't make it smaller :oops:



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Nice pics everyone. It makes me sad when i see babies and kids because i was once carefree like them. I look at my baby niece and i'm almost envious, i just wish i could be a carefree kid again.


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aawww, lovely picture newzero, it looks like a professional photograph!

and Generic and Remus....LMAO!!!.....your pictures are wicked!!!