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  • Ah, I'm still going trying to go through my schoolwork online, in which I have no ideal when it'll all get finished. I just keep on finding reasons to not give up... not being in public school means having to take 100% responsibility for all my work, and that's true. But things'll be fine for the most part... it'd be easier without all the confusion, though.
    I am doing well thanks for asking. School is going well. My teacher in anatomy and physiology is becoming a real nit pick. She was reviewing a anotated bibliography that we handed in and she docked me a point because I had a couple extra spaces in between some words and that my punctuation wasn't quite right for the APA format... So I brought my paper down to the writing tutors and had them critique it and they couldn't find anything wrong with it, even the writing/English instructor reviewed it and she couldn't find anything wrong with my paper either... I think my teacher hates me... Am I being paranoid? Very frustrating.... My instructor did give me that point back, so I got a 100%... Yeah! Now I have to write the full blown research paper in APA format... I am not looking forward to that... My classes should be done in December sometime. Now I am looking forward to Halloween, and I just hope that the rain stops. Take care
    Awwww... Gee, thanks Kim! You really are such a sweet heart! I mean that, you really know how and when to lift a persons spirit! To be honest, I thought the mask was too big. I have 3 other different Freddy masks, and they all look odd. I can't seem to find the "real" look from any web site or halloween shop. Heck, I even went to : Freddy Krueger Adult Collector's Mask: WBshop.com - The Official Online Store of Warner Bros. Studios And that is where I got the mask from, since that is where the movie's were made... It was very frustrating, because I strive for perfection. Thank you!

    How about you Kim? How is school going for you? How's your little cousin doing? I sincerely hope you are well! Take care my dear friend!
    I'm good, thanks. :) I'm more or less over what happened yesterday. I guess a good night's sleep can do wonders. :)
    i drink, but i dont post, im not allowed to post, unless im a postman, but because i drink, im not allowed to be a postman :D
    Just checking up on those I've befriended here (sorta lol). How are things in this life so far?
    I finished all my candy corns::(:. Now that its October tomorrow I have to start stocking up on more candy. Probably Milky Way, 3 musketeers and raisinettes:D.
    Hey, don't knock a 97, that's super! Congratulations! Seriously, allot of people would love to have that score! I do know what you mean though, being a perfectionist isn't fun at times... A 97 is still an "A"!!! A solid "A" in fact... So that is great! Be proud of it... I am proud of you! Good job! As for me, yeah I am doing well in school... Just wishing I had a gf is all... It's always the same desire, if you know what I mean. My honorary niece is turning 1 tomorrow and I am going up North (about an hour drive) to celebrate it with her family on Sunday... I went and bought a couple cute outfits for her and a card today... It's really tough trying to find anything not made in "China"... I really want to buy made in the USA, but I am finding that it is almost impossible. Take care!
    Hey Kim, I never heard back from you on that test? So..... How'd you do? How have you been? School agreeing with ya? How's your baby cousin doing?
    Ironically enough, I had a test today too... In A&P on the skeletal system, and guess what... What? (haha..) I got 35/35.... YIPPY SKIPPY!!! It's fun when you know the answers. The worse part about it is that I over prepared for it. I knew so much more than what we were tested on... Worrying about stuff, makes me study harder than the average person I guess? IDK? I am sure you aced your test too! You're a smart cookie! hehe! I said "cookie".... There I go again, telling myself a joke. LOL
    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! this has no meaning what so ever! i just thought id say GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR on your page! for real x
    I was right in the middle of a ****ing reptile zoo, and somebody was giving booze to these goddamn things. Won't be long now before they tear us to shreds :D
    Thanks Kim! You're too sweet! 9 out of 10 dentists surveyed recommend low doses of you, because you are bad for our teeth! (too sweet!) Haha! (I told myself a joke...)

    So how is your classes treating you? How are you doing?
    I passed the board exam!!! Yeah!!! Now I can relax a bit, and maybe actually get some badly needed sleep.... Phew... what a relief. I'm an official assistant nurse... Hehe! I'm such a girly man....
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