Any of you terrified of bugs?


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Last night, I was okay, I was peacefully drawing. I went to the kitchen just to walk around like I sometimes do. I found this big moth flying around, I got scared, but I killed it with the bug spray. I thought everything was over.

I went to my other room to dust off something, then I noticed a bunch of medium-sized moths outside. The window was closed and I also have a bug screen, so I didn't worry a lot. Their presence made me cringe, though.

I got close to the window to grab something on the bed near it, when I saw this big moth trapped between the bug screen and the window. I got scared, surprised, trying to wonder how the heck it got there, but I thought "ok, it's trapped, it can't do anything", so I turned around to go to the kitchen to grab the bug spray. As I turned around, I saw another big a$$ moth INSIDE the room. I panicked and closed the door and left it there.

No one was around to help me, so I decided to grow a pair and go grab the spray to be done with it. I got into the room, trembling, sprayed the damn thing, but it didn't die. Then, after the second spray, it disappeared. I didn't see a corpse anywhere, so I started to get paranoid that it hid somewhere (because moths are damn good at hidding). I sprayed every corner of the room to make sure it wouldn't survive, then closed the door.

I would go check inside every 15 mins or so, to see if anything was flying around, but I saw nothing. After a while, I found the bastard in MY room. My room is small and I have pets living in here, I can't use bug spray, which is really inconvenient. After a 1 hour battle, using only a towel as my weapon, the thing landed on the floor and I stomped on it.

My mate was online in that moment, he was like "dude, it's just a moth", WHICH IS TRUE. I am prefectly aware that moths and other bugs can't harm me, but I can't help it.

Anyway, it was 5AM, after the "battle" I was left alert, wide awake, trembling, sweating, heart racing, looking around, paranoid that there were more moths. I am still a bit paranoid right now that night will come, they will start re-appearing and they will find a way to get in, even though, I've sealed every tiny aberture I found.

The story sounds stupid, but this is something that has plagued me my entire existance and it's tiring, because you can't really avoid bugs, they are every-f*cking-where.

Any of you go through the same or am I crazy?


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It depends on which bugs. Moths, butterflies, ants, and silverfish are ok for me to handle. I usually just use a bag and try to grab them, or I squish them. But spiders, big roaches, and scorpion-like bugs scare the he** out of me. It takes a lot of courage for me to catch them.

You're not crazy. Girls in general are naturally repulsed by bugs. Guys, on the other hand,...well...some of them collect bugs. My brother used to catch bugs (silverfish, ants, etc) and experiment with them. He would tickle them, slice them open, use a magnifying glass to try to fry ants, etc. Sometimes when I go to the bathroom, I see such things and it creeps me out.


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only cockroaches, just the way they slowly move those antler things in front of them and how quickly they move... they're so smart it intimidates me


I can really relate to your "battle"! I mainly hate big spiders and those creepy, awful centipedes... Ugh! ::(:
I usually panic quite a bit, especially because I can't stand the thought of having them crawling about in my stuff. Anyway, I normally count on my sister to get rid of them, or I have to deal with it :eek: I do know they're just insects, they can't hurt me etc.. Doesn't make it any easier! :rolleyes:


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My fear and paranoria is exclusive towards spiders, they make my skin crawl. My usual reaction towards one, would be to squeal (yes squeal) and run.


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spiders, bees, wasps, hornets, scorpions,

On the other hand i dont mind ants and actually LIKE ladybugs.


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Depends really.
What I hate: Spiders (except for jumping spiders), centipedes, millipedes, cockroaches, earwigs
What I don't mind: Ants (unless they're hundreds of them), ladybugs, moths, butterflies
What I actually like: bees
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This reminds me I need to clean some spots in preparation for summer and roaches..

Every so often they appear, and I will stay up at night to stalk them while getting all stressed out about it. If one escapes my wrath, I become paranoid thinking it's going to pop up when I least expect it.


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You like bees and you don't mind moths? I want your courage.

Moths are harmless and just flutter around pointlessly. As for bees, I don't know what I like about them, I just do (assuming its the docile kind like honey bees or bumblebees).

I will run away from wasps and hornets though.
I find that mothballs are good at keeping them pesky moths away.
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