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  • Have you been to many concerts.I only been to three or four.Even though Im not keen on crowds there is something so magical and powerful about a crowd of people singing and cheering together.It must be such a adranaline rush to have so much warmth and positivity coming at you on stage.Seeing Muse in concert and the Manic street Preacher in concert were particularly moving for me.
    Hi.Mellie collie was a double album which is quite unusual since most albums are not.The fans get to hear alot more songs than they would in a typical album.Do you perfer cd 1 Dawn to dusk or cd 2 twightlight to starlight.Actually some of the songs from the album Zeitgest I liked.Songs like Starz,For God and country,Thats the way my love is.But fair enough different people like different songs and albums.It makes conversations more interesting.Its a shame when great bands split up so its good that the Smashing pumpkins came back.
    You sound like a huge fan of Smashing pumpkins.I love bands like the smashing pumpkins that have a distinctive sound that sets them apart.Corgan`s voice like Axel Rose,James Dean Bradfield,Scott Wieldland,M Jackson,Prince,is so powerful and distinctive.I have the albums Zeigiest,Mellie colie and the infinite sadness and Adore.
    Hi.I noticed you liked the Smashing Pumpkins.Billy Corgan is a good songwriter.What are some of your favourite songs from the group.
    Hi there. I am kinda new here. Been reading your posts and enjoy your unique perspective. Wish you the best. C
    haha, I won't, I just meant if you were to ever write a book :)

    Someone just turned me on to them so I don't know alot of their stuff, but i think my favorite is werewolf. Raphael & lemonade are good too.
    Thank you lonelee. You can do it. Just remember where to assign blame and not obsess about it. Your OCD wants to Blackmail you. In order for it to succeed, you must feel guilty or ashamed. If you don't feel guilty or ashamed, it can't Blackmail you and the game is over.
    At first when I read your signature I was like 'hmmm' then I was like 'oh ok', then I was like 'ooohhhhhh, I get it.. that's really deep.'
    YES! I agree! I would love to find a rewarding and creative job and get into a wonderful relationship. I keep dragging my feet....as you said, "suck it up". I just have to push myself.
    Thanks for the add! I recently came out of my major depression but I still feel like I have a foot in. I really need to turn things around, I can't go on like this.
    I read some of your posts. You seem like a really nice person to know. So, you're a Psych student. I should have majored in that! I love reading about psychology, helps me understand myself better.
    hello and welcome to SPW, lonelee1
    A good deal of us on here can relate (at least to some degree) about being sad & lonely.
    We're all in this together!
    take care and welcome :)
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