• lmao. Look up about things. Things are about, look up!
    Oh, you haven't chased me away.
    A wild Artist has appeared... Wild Artist uses, make dinner attack! The wild artist vanishes for 30 minutes.... and then reappears!..... Sial Axetder looks confused..
    A spot of tea would be looveeelyy. Now I feel all british and stuff.
    What if the happy dance does not involve feet? ... *does awkward dance with eyes?*
    Yay, relaxed is a good state. Glad to hear! Things been looking up at all?
    I am, well, pretty relaxed too, for how I would normally be on a hermit day.
    Hey, thanks for the friend request! I guess I'm doing well enough. ^_^ About to make a phone call though which I'm probably being way too irrationally scared of doing, but that's okay. How about yourself?
    Sort of - I'm from Europe but in the process of emigrating to the States. The paperwork takes forever though, usually about 8 months. Anyway, hope you're doing well. :)
    Ahh very nice. Seems like you are on top of the world from what I'm hearing . :p !
    oh btw, and I've been meaning to ask you this seeing how your username is something I've never heard of before. Is it an anagram of your real name?? :D Does it begin with the letter 'A'? hehe
    But thanks for the thought. I used to listen to this CD that talks about understanding our thoughts and the concept of separate realities. It's really interesting and mind-altering especially when it discounts a lot of the things you thought to be true before and how understanding the concept now makes more sense. Lately I haven't come across an argument with anyone (in my family) as I'm a little more distracted by being here and not interacting with people much. Which I ought to be but... I can't help it sometimes when I'm off from school and there's still another week or so to do whatever I want. lol Later :D
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