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    To Steady The Anger!

    I've been battling a newly noticed behavioural trait or an issue of some sort - anger. Right now I am of a confused mind set. It was suggested I had AvPD but also suggested I had a more Anxiety-type of issue causing depression. I don't know which one or none. Without any further confusion I...
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    Been a while!

    Haven't been around in a long while. Couldn't find the Topic Haven't-Been-On-In-Awhile. So it goes in the Off-Topic. :question: There should also be a Topic called Life. 'Cause life is bullshit! And the cause of many terrible things! Lost in frivolous endeavors. With that said, quick update...
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    Good evening and Good night

    Brahms Cradle Song ( Lullaby ) Op. 49, No. 4 - YouTube
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    Breaking Bad (poss spoilers)

    :thumbup: Anyone else catch that last episode? :thumbup:
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    Post what you cannot say

    Ohhh so I did :-p What is that?
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    Post what you cannot say

    **** shit bitch ****ysis shit ****?
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    Galaxy S4

    I am thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy S4. Anyone here have comments, thoughts, warnings?
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    Paniced Excitment

    So much to do, laundry, food, finialize taxes, prepare luggage, spend evening with family. I was awoken by a lovely girl so I could begin my day early. Though 2 hours earlier than I expected, a wanted surprise. I am off to visit my girlfriend on Sunday. Although there is much, seemingly so...
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    Window is Broken

    House was broken into. Roommate's firearms were all taken. Most of my sword and dagger collection is gone. We are pretty sure it was a targeted hit for the firearms. I forgot to get the insurance set up and today I wish I had. I feel tired, untrusting, paranoid, at fault, shocked, overwhelmed.
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    Found it!!!!

    Have been a bit edgy and a PITA lately. I have been having hard times with taxes and finding the papers they want. Today I created a hurricane of papers and finally found a ruffled, old orange envelope laying on the floor. I think that's full of what they want! So I can get my 2012 taxes out...
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    Lost a friend today, I think. Maybe even two. One did not appreciate my views on how I see reality as quite negative. I do understand her reasoning as she has just begun to see positivity in her life. With her views, reality is something to look forward to. My views: look around. Death...
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    Wasn't quite sure where to throw this thread. ... I rarely, but do try, to speak my mind. But I have fear I will cause more harm than good. My automatic response is to not release thoughts and/or emotions. I let them stew and let myself deal with it all. I don't want to cause troubles with my...
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    Silent anger

    She is angry and outspoken. Her anger is known and voiced. I do not wish to anger her even more so I delve into a silence. When I disagree, most times I do not make it known. Would rather be silent than provoke potential arguments. Passive-aggression is crushing and debilitating for others...
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    Last Stand

    There is a woman I consider my special jewel. My light to openness. Three months past and she caught on to me lying and hiding. I hid myself from her, deeply afraid to lose her. Snip-its of my life did nothing to appease her appetite of my story. Three month pass and she tells me, like the...
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    Letting People into Your Life

    Not exactly sure why but this is a scary thing for me to allow. Example: You're getting to know someone and they have introduced their family to you without any problems aside from the initial awkwardness. When comes the time you feel you like this person, are comfortable with them and want...