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  • Hiii. thanks for the comment you left a long time ago, sorry been somewhere far far away. anyways take care
    I liked your fight to the death line. :D Getting people to understand is very difficult but I can handle simply sympathy sometimes, so that's good enough.

    Hope you're well! :)
    "OR discovering a part of you that you failed to acknowledge before because of the fear and anger getting in the way."

    what other parts of a person are there even? a person has fear, anger, and compassion...
    I don't know what I want anymore, but I guess I'll have to live with it. It's okay.Good luck with your new job!
    Yeah it's pretty cold here, but no where near -20! :eek: It's been in the teens mostly, but with lots of wind and even more snow coming. Forget about me staying warm, you sound like you need it more than I do!
    Thanks again for trying to help she1slander, I appreciate the effort. I hope I will find something.
    How are you, btw?
    Its aight man we can be friends, pick that chin up! Belgian chocolate eh? Don't think I've had it. Ur telling me nothing better since sliced bread though, huh? My mom made me a vegetarian cookbook for xmas, I'm tryin out a few recipes. Nothing as good as sliced bread so far though.
    SocIAL AnXiETy disorDER. Even though I deal with AvPD, SA I deal with on a slighter scale.

    Remember you can have healthy arguments. They do exist. Constructive arguments. Getting points across and building knowledge. We can't always be right but we can take from it and know more than we did.

    Always keep in mind to interact with people. With every skill it will become lost if not used. Except for cycling and driving. Once you know them will always know them and how.

    Hope your new year will be filled with knowledge gained. As well as many positive adventures.
    I can imagine how great a hug from a female can be I had one but just for a little while and even holding hands gives me the heeby jeebys I know that feeling for longer would be the best in the world but that's probably why I can't have it because I want it to much more than anyone else who gets it. That's why my weapon of choice when it all said and done will be control.
    yep that's exactly what happened to le sister. Robbed is right! Sounds like you have first or second hand experience with that . I live in the south western part of canada too actually. Oh, it's on my profile so you probably know that. BC?
    Oh do you mind if I ask where the fine arts program is? My sister used to go to the art institute. She misses it, dropped out, it seemed neat. Yeah, no, no way I could do anything near my avatar! An escapist for sure. Art can be an escape but at least it's an escape into beauty :) and what's more lifelike than beauty anyways
    Thanks, I try to be positive when talking to others as I couldn't help (or try to help, at least) when being negative. I'm glad to hear you try to stay positive, hope it helps you to stay that way.
    This site can be a bit addicting sometimes. I think that as long as you enjoy your time here and you have the thing under control it's fine. Just remember to do other things too, if you have to. And no, your name is not annoying to see in the threads :p
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