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  • This is my final call
    My evenfall
    Drowning into time
    I become the night
    By the light of new day
    I'll fade away
    Reality cuts deep
    Would you bleed with me
    My Selene
    Älä muista mua pahalla
    Kuolin sun syliin aamulla
    Jos kirjoitat laulun, niin muista
    Laulut on leikkii tulella
    Jos lähdet ulos ovesta, niin muista
    Tää on taisteluu
    Joka ilta on Waterloo
    Hollywood Undead - "Another Way Out" (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube

    "I'll break you down,
    now put it back together again."

    Happy woman days baby ^^
    Never forget that to me u are the most special and wonderful thing can ever have happened to me
    Aishteriu <3 Sushi sama!!

    The best is when i hold and kiss u , everything fits in place =)
    Happy Valentine baby ^^ if infinite is the max way to measure something then they still dont know how much is my love for u <3

    I miss my half
    hey there deli ^^i was just passing cos i found something nice

    and i have found this funny one too to make u understand some male pain xD


    thats the pain there! now i hope u understand how painfully is it haha xD jk
    anyways im going to bed and ur place is always there waiting for u =) take care baby hugsxx&kisses


    aishteriu ^^
    Im in frankfurt baby xD the fly for hug u is going to leave but before it im stealing an internet connection here from somewhere in the airport xD i wanted to tell u this :

    in 3 hours we will be...



    damn the plane is leaving with me xD lolz i gotta run...im coming baby ^^ smackkkk

    ur angel (dark sometimes xD) loves u foreverr<3

    maybe someone thinks fairies doesnt stay in the morning but just in the night but i have know a Fairy which is all the day in my heart...^^


    dont u remember this huh?xD maybe i might take my revenge in a few days ^^

    Thats when we tried to make the heart with our own style with the foot =P


    Linnmaki in the rides xD i remmeber that u (and maybe me a bit too xD) screamed a bit =P


    this was supposed to be the elephant stuff but well here there are just zebras =P and we have actually the mask cos under the mask we are like omg omg bleahhh too much brown stuff for us xD lols


    omg and this is epic ! its us in the "yeeeeeeeeess"?xD ahhaha

    When i get lost in ur deep wonderful eyez =)


    and this is when we are going to transform in kovu and kiara =P


    Thats after the transformation and well u can imagine what is after this =P

    Nala & Simba <---> Kovu & Kiara will be togheter always .

    roarrrrrrrrr, grrrrrr which means : I Lòve U =) and also something more....but i think u know what i mean =P

    U are always in my toughts , mi vida.
    Sugoi!!! arigatoe Sushi sama =P it was soo sugoi it made me close my eyes and saw our wonderful summer every page of our book we wrote toghether and also every page that we still have to write (especially in december ^^ well u know what i mean xD)

    this shoes are very similar to ours even if we didnt try the my white ones cos of my lazyness and the laces haha but well next time we try this ^^ and all the other things... that u know =P (hey dont this only bad...i mean also the good things xD)


    as in the little thing that i gave u under the our cherry tree , our love is forever , ikuisesti ^^

    ~ ur AngeL
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