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  • :) Hope things improve for you soon. I really like your idea for asking for donations, there are plenty of people who get a kick out of helping others and I encourage you to get the link out all over the place!
    Hey, You're welcome! I'm doing good thank you. Are you having a nice weekend?
    here's the press release: - More Details on Spielberg and Brannon Braga's Terra Nova TV Series

    it's sci-fi time travel but it's supposed to have a bunch of dinosaurs in it. steven speilberg + dinosaurs can only be win imo!
    3.To a certain extent, I can understand their frustration. I have much sympathy for many people who have had to be around me through the years. At the same time, I do expect the patience to be continual, if they are who they say they are. That's probably why I try to align myself with others who have gone through similar hardships - they know what to expect and they've seen it all before. It sounds like your boyfriend is willing to work with you, so that's great news.

    Now that you've fully realized how much you love your mother, do you expect to start the relationship anew?

    I just saw that the temperature is in the 100's there... are you okay? lol. Maybe in that heat, the cops will lose the urge to frisk and question innocent, ethnic minorities who "look suspicious". ;)
    2.Well, I believe that I'm motivated because there are incentives and I realize the reward, I'm just afraid, lost and unsure of direction, all the while wasting time. I'll probably sound pretentious, but I don't take medication for a variety of reasons. In the past, I've never responded well to medication and I once had a bad experience. Medication altered my personality to the point where I could no longer recognize myself, as if I was perpetually drunk or high. Also, I fear that I would be using the drugs as a crutch, or masking the actual issue. I worry about becoming a guinea pig or forming a dependency on drugs, especially since I aspire to remain as natural as possible -- I won't even eat fast food. Plus, there's the political aspect of it all and that really leaves me with an unfavorable opinion toward these pharmaceutical companies, and I don't want to assist them.
    1.God, don't you hate it when your mom gets in the way of your porn party? :D

    Regarding Lexapro, since it's no longer working, do you think you'll have to take something different now or a higher dosage? You mentioned that your hypochondria was also improving, is that also because of this medication?
    I just feel like a caged bird, basically. There's really no end in sight and I'm feeling small and obsolete. CANADA CANADA CANADA.

    I worry about things like that, as you know. If it makes you feel any better, I suspect that my candles are emitting toxic fumes, harming my mind. :confused:

    You aren't used to feeling for your mother?
    The same as you, actually. No chance in sleeping tonight. Gonna walk to the store pretty soon (yes, I know what time it is) to buy some ice cream, cry and eat my emotions, lol. I'll grub for the both of us. Just the usual things making you upset?
    Muchas gracias. I didn't mean to make you feel badly about yourself. I realize that as social phobes, we try to minimize any embarrassment or humiliation at all costs, but I didn't think anything of it... you're still all right in my book. :)
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