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  • Think you need to leave Freud alone for a while. Seems to make you too kiddy. xD

    I've had a funny week. Sometimes my troubles seemed to be resolved; other times the opposite. I don't get it! When everything functions; wow things are good.

    I gotta move on Monday. Not sure where to. Not sure if I want to be in the city right now.

    This weeks study is impetigo.

    I'm going out for lunch myself, by myself, but going to have a coffee first.
    *i just posted this to myself instead of you so reposted; maybe i need a nap*
    There is a thread out there for you.

    Something mysterious is happening to your messages. Are you deleting stuff? I was going to reply to some of your last post but can’t now. Shame because I had so much to say. I know its gone because what is left is not 1000 characters long.

    I’m not on the other place so don’t have a log on. I only visit the site if you have not been around here for a while. What have butterflies ever done to you?
    Not sure if you should start posting here. To me you seem more comfortable in the other place doing you one or two sentence comments. Posting takes up a lot of time! now that you are back at school and all that. Did you just plan to post or do you have some burning issues to share xDD

    That said, and contradicting myself, I’m still hoping for a smart remark to dear coyote from you. I also think that as an experiment you could start a thread on SPW and see if it takes off.
    OK, I need to study now. The subject for today and the next few days is serum ferritin. I’m actually quite excited because where I am staying at the moment has a proper desk so I can really get going. I should be here till the middle of next week.

    I hope that you find some buddies a school. I think that in some ways you typify what SA is all about and how it can impact! Online you are never short of a funny comment or turn of phrase but maybe in real life things are a little different for you. Just try not to fall asleep in class! That would not be a good first impression.
    I’ve moved today. I’m now in the trendier but edgier part of town. I’ll be here for a week.

    Not much going on forum wise at the mo.
    My friends don’t drain me in the sense that you alluded to. As I said, a day with them is can be very invigorating. However when I spend too much time with them I can lose focus and let my objectives and time slip. This is what I have done these last few days and now it is a regret.

    I like sudoko.

    Well, had another day of visiting friends so I’m pleased about that. Trouble is that I did not extend my accommodation so I have to move on tomorrow. That’s a real shame and something of a lesson.

    There is so much to do that I need to be on my game because not staying here is an opportunity lost. It’s a great area in the centre of town where I found that I was confident. This ERP that I keep going on about is working incredibly well. I just need to be innovative and constantly find new places to practice.

    So how are you? Are you going to start another revolution today? I hope so, the last one was fun. xDD
    Funny, about 3 years ago I decided to catch up with my novel reading and films. Alice in Wonderland (Through the Looking Glass) was one of those books that I read. I also love the 1933 animated film which is just the best. The walrus and the carpenter is my favourite song.
    Tweedledee and Tweedledum....1933 YT. I also often listen to White Rabbit by Jefferson Starship on YT. But I see myself more as Johnny Depp with SA.

    Just had a real good couple of days staying with my friends. It was one of those talk all night jobs, bit it went a lot better than I anticipated so I’m very pleased. The sad news is the assumed death of my friend’s budgie. There used to be two of them but a pigeon got into the room and scared one of the budgies out of the room and it has not been seen since. The remaining budgie is so upset and you can really see it in its little face. It keeps looking through the window hoping its friend is going to fly back in.

    Time for a nap then some molecular biology.
    Wow, I’d almost written your epitaph xD. I’m glad your back and pleased to know that you’ve had a good nap.

    Hmmmm. This vision thing! That’s a tough one!! i'm so sorry!

    I’ve left the university and since yesterday I’m back in the big city doing some mean ERP. That side of things is coming on nicely. I can sense a real change, but gosh, I feel empty like never before. I did not expect that.

    There is so much to do so I’ve found a local cybercafé and just get at my studies each day and that seems to make things OK. I also know a lot of people here but have yet to check them out. Visiting is very time consuming and as soon as the word goes out that I’m in town the phone will be ringing off the hook. The truth is that I am a bit critical of some of my buddies and I’m not sure what to do for the future. Next step is to decide where to live.
    It’s the morning. I prefer the morning, I get a lot done in the morning. It’s time to study.
    Well I’m back. The trip went well and I got all my jobs done. All the ERP practice that I’ve been doing seems to be paying off. Thinking of moving back to the city full time.

    Not in the mood to post much right now. There is a thread that really interests me but the peeps are chatting away and I would probably just get in the way. It’s one of those threads that I’m convinced that my input would be valuable. xD Perhaps not; but I’m learning a lot from the thread.

    Funny, I just can’t imagine you having a nap even though you quite often do. xDD
    Back to the city 2moro to finish off the stuff I did not get done last time. Need to stay overnight as I have an early morning meeting. I suspect that one of the places that I need to go is still closed. Darn it, should have checked before making the booking not after! darn it again.
    Wow, I’m pleased for you..i’m working on a similar thing with my daily ERP practice and my study of adrenaline and cortisol. Seems as though part of handling all this is letting the anxiety/feeling drift around you without letting it actually permeate into your body and mind. Then it eventually goes away.
    I’m back early. My confidence was good. 4 hours on trains is a lot. Got some jobs done but not all. I’ll have to go back next week and probably stay for a few days but that will be cool to hang with my buddies for a while.
    OK, got to get going or I will be late. Once I get out on the street and breathe the morning air i'm sure i'll feel more optomistic about the trip.
    All good ^_^
    Stuff happens sometimes :3
    That invisible button lies!
    Haha, I don't know how to switch my status on here.. :rolleyes:
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