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  • Unfortunately no I don't grow anything. :/ Maybe if I get my own house I could grow some tomatoes. My grandpa did that and they tasted really good.
    Hello nice to meet you. :) Well California is really sunny and where I live there are a lot of deciduous trees and shrubs. Not particularly green. Very dusty ground. And the only wild animals I've seen are coyotes, rabbits, and squirrels. Pretty forests though. I make art as well, so the forest has always been an inspiring place. How's England? Noticed you like gardening.
    My family is pretty happy about it. They all always liked him. They're a little sad about us not doing the whole ceremony thing but they'll live.
    Not yet. I don't want a ceremony or anything so it's not something we have to really plan out. He wants to save up some money so we can go on a trip after so we will see.
    Haha, that would have been awkward. Yeah we have been talking about it for a long time. We've been together 5 years, so it was about time lol.
    Our place was right on the boardwalk so we just walked along that a lot since theres a lot to do there. Did some mini golfing and a museum. My boyfriend also proposed on the trip.
    OMG didn't see the message lol. As i said, what i like about 3D puzzles is that developers usually add some story to them and the fact that you have an extra dimension to solve them :P Have you ever played any of those games? graphic adventures are awesome too...different kind of puzzles though, not so based on physics, more of a riddles and finding objects.
    Yup. That's exactly right. Rather than picking a specific subject, I'd like to take a position as a resource teacher, which means that I would be helping general education teachers in a co-teaching environment across multiple subjects. But my subject is English, if I had to pick one.
    Hey! Missed your message somehow! I'm planning on going into special education.
    Of course! but i mean games like Portal, Q.U.B.E and Magrunner. Like 3D puzzles (usually have a story too), you know those?
    Hey, Yeah I respect other people's ideas and beliefs. I wouldn't try to convert anyone. I've had friends who were atheists and got along fine with them.

    I listen to hard rock and some metal. I really don't listen to Christian rock.
    I guess it interests me because I'm a Christian believer and I find the writings fascinating. Ever since I was a kid.

    Some more phrases from the bible are "Leopard can't change it's spots." "Eye for an Eye." "Apple of my eye." Many more.
    Well I've always been interested in the bible so any movies that are closely accurate to what's written in the bible I'm interested in. Or even other accounts related to that time period. With the scenery, clothing, and customs.
    Hey. My favorite biblical stories would basically cover the whole New Testament. And also Noah's Ark, The Ten Commandments, Samson and Delilah to name a few. Do you have any favorites?
    I prefer watching dvd's in the comfort of my own home. But I will go to the cinema if something is playing I really want to see. But it's been a while. I also like biblical movies.
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