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  • After being on here for seven years, I've grown quite accustomed to the name myself, I sometimes find myself referring to myself in my mind as vj despite having neither of those letters in my "real life" name.

    When I see your username, I can't help but think of the murderous llama from "Llamas with Hats" named Carl, or more often pronounced "Caaaarrrrlllll". Replace that C with a zh, and you get zzzzhhhhaaaaaaarrrrrrrlllllllllllll. :D
    Ah, crap. Sorry for taking so long, when the message notification is gone I completely forget they're there. :X

    I actually can't remember anymore either. Maybe we had a good conversation or interaction? That's usually how it goes.
    Fact. But the sooner you make that bridge between giving advice and following it, life becomes easier, more straight-forward.
    Your message was very kind, thanks a lot :) now if only I would use my own advice as much as I preach it!
    It does sound ironic, given that I have so little hope for humanity myself. Thanks all the same, though. Your words give me hope that perhaps I'm not so complete a waste of life as I've come to believe. Cheers! :)
    Thank you for wanting to suggest things, that's super sweet :)
    I'm actually from Southern California, however, this time I'm going to be in the San Luis Obispo area which is a place I have never been before, surprisingly. I'm going to check out Hearst Castle which should be pretty cool.
    Things have always been difficult. I'm just more open to expressing the nightmare in my head. Anyways i'll have that chat with you at some point. Take care in the meantime
    Hey. Sorry man I have been really messed up lately..... more so than usual. We can talk at some point. Don't know when but maybe we'll get around to it. Sigh..... I just don't know:sad:
    Hi.Variety is the spice of life.Sounds like teaching a range of subjects keeps things interesting.Why do you perfer English?

    I like English litrature so I read alot.
    By special education do you mean teaching young people with disabilities? The education system is different in the USA.

    Teaching is important and I still remember some of my teachers from years ago
    To be honest I forgot what we were talking about. Guess that only shows that it has been a while since we talked about, whatever it was lol. But sure we can talk again soon if that is something you would like. In the meantime take care and all the best.
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