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  • Hi.I don't know much about Stephen Lynch or Christopher Titus.What are some of your favourite jokes or stories by them?

    There are some comics that do a lot of pun based comedy such as Steward Francis,Tim Vine.Both of them make me laugh.I tend to watch situation comedy like Big bang theory and various british comedy panel shows.
    Oh, I'm sorry. I'm fine. I've just been busy taking care of things and working, so I haven't had much time to visit.

    As for my humor? Well, watching people like Christopher Titus with his self-deprecating humor and Stephen Lynch who makes dark jokes frequently helped form my sense of humor. My puns have come from watching so many people make them that I just sort of got into it as well.
    I use humor to spread happiness to others and to escape my rather poor self-esteem. It's good that you have the skills to be independent though. Good job.
    Personally, I find myself trying to make every story have a mysterious element to it. Maybe it's just my interest in particular genres like horror and science-fiction, but books like Sherlock Holmes really help to think up some ideas. Or, H.P. Lovecrafts' horror stories.

    Do you tend to focus on any particular genres, while reading/writing?
    Hello there, Ransfordrowe!

    Currently, I sort of focus on fan-fiction, which I'm still struggling to make good and interesting, for the readers. I've spent too much time thinking up complete stories in my mind(in the past), that I published them in a website, getting no followers at all.

    So I decided to 'practice', and try out fan-fiction before moving onto pure fiction. But I find creativity to be very much limited in fanfiction - as the fan-base won't enjoy a story, unless there are characters from whatever fan-base you're using. I'm still trying it out before trying fiction stories, though.

    Poetry is just great to read - but it's a rare skill to compose them. It's a nice hobby. Do you publish your works? Like on any websites/ through real life publishers?
    A pizza from scratch? Impressive. You've got some cooking skills?

    As for puns? Well, I'll try to tell them as they come to mind. And they come to mind about as often as my media references.
    " November rain " is one of my favorite but I like all of them. And No I am not Slash .
    Great! it seems you like plants very much, that's cool. I hope you can find a job related to that in the future.
    I have also been trying to remind myself of my positive accomplishements lately. You're right, it's easier to look at the bad side of life, but remembering the positive things helps to feel better with ourselves and to keep away from depression.

    I think if I had more confidence I would do a lot of things more, such as going out more and maybe asking for people's advice.
    yes, they do. But I deal with it. btw my page is getting kind of filled up with messages so PM me instead if you dont mind.
    Hi again!

    Yes, I've got to somehow grow in confidence and learn lots of things. I hope time also helps me to find a balance.
    It's great that you dream of working as a gardener in a botanic garden, it sounds so interesting and it seems a perfect job for social phobics since you work moslty alone haha. I hope you can do it in a near future. I wish you all the best
    Iv gotten different opinions about it from different family members. Some people will NEVER understand it but thats ok. In my personal opinion, its the kind of job you have to do because you WANT to help people . Thats more important than anything above all else. Thats what my mom always did for ME..so I guess that why im like that.
    (I'll continue my message here because it was too long to send it as one)
    Regarding my ideal job, I don't know which one it could be. What job do you think it would be ideal for you? In general terms I think that a job that suts me shouldn't be extremely demanding as I tend to reach my limit very soon. And of course it social interaction shouldn't be a key elemnt haha. I think it should something simple but rewarding for me at the same time. Something that serves other people. I'm trying to find my way, I'm quite lost right now.

    Kind regards
    Don't worry, it's ok. It's great that you have a job right now and that you can be independent. Yes, finding a job that suits your interests and which helps you earn enough money to make a living at the same time is a whole challenge even for those who don't have social phobia, so imagine how hard it is for us.

    As for me, I haven't had previous jobs before except working on my own giving private English lessons. But I've never worked as an employee. Right now I'm thinking precisely about that, I'm trying to see what I should do, I consider looking for a job as a possibility but, to be honest, I'm terryfied to think about it, since I've never done it before and I don't know the "rules" and what I'm supposed to do or say in such a situation. Imagine how scared I am regarding this issue, that I fear for example that because of my ignorance I could make a serious mistake and I could en up in prison for example (you might think I'm crazy but it's true, I'm so insecure).
    Sounds like we had a similar upbringing .

    I mention gangs alot because THEY were the hardest inmates to deal with , so they were just the most interesting. They stood out the most among other inmates .im thinking about possibly working my way up to the local police department's gang unit after college but I want to keep my career options open in general.

    I never came across anything quite THIS in-depth at the prison I was working at: Inmates use Aztec language to speak in code

    but that were alot of inmates who used slang and "coded" notes to communicate with eachother. It was very interesting to try and decipher what they were saying to eachother.
    tbh, I saw more of this opposite . I recall one young guy in particular (he was 19) who only joined the bloods AFTER he came to prison. He became more belligerent and aggressive after that. Harder to reason with. Another inmate who was about a year younger than me was a member of Aryan Brotherhood because his dad and unlce were members . he was pretty much born into it. kinda sad. He had alot of anger management problems caused by his upbringing. You're definetly right about behavioral changes...but one of the problems is some of the inmates pretty much need to un-learn alot of the things they learned from being enveloped in gang culture/being raised improperly and the prison I worked at didnt really have the proper resources for that type of rehabilitation in particular. : /
    Hi, no I don't participate in the Halloween festivities. I don't believe I have since I was only a small child :/
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