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  • I definetly do think that some prisons can turn an inmates's life around. In general from what iv heard from my sergeant and unit manager is that the younger someone is rehabilitated the less likely they will be to re-offend . As for the older ones (the inmates I worked with were mostly in their early 20's) its a bit harder because many of them are pretty much waist deep in gang life/culture by that time. hard to deal with them. They have to WANT to change .The idea of an inmate being incarcerated is for their behavior to be corrected so they can eventually reintigrate into society . ALOT of different ways to do this, some of them very unconventional. MANY different work programs but also art and music can act as a therapeutic outlet and also introduce them to something they've never considered before. some people dont like their tax dollars being spent this way though.


    Don't worry, sometimes I'm aso late in responding to messages.

    Thank you for saying my English is good, I'm quite an insecure person as you can see haha.
    Yes, Argentina is a beautiful country and vey rich in nature.It has a wide variety of landscapes and different types of wheather.

    Well, I'm not working as a translator at the moment, I almost couldn't find a job as a translator. I just did something for a translation agency once but they haven't called me again after that. I also tried to find a job as a freelancer on the Internet, but nobody contacted me either. I liked the idea of being a translator at first, but now I'm kind of disappointed, and I'm trying to find what I can do to make a living of my own, but it's not easy because of the anxiety you know.

    What about you? Do you have any job right now?
    A big hug
    Well I'm currently in college but working as a correctional officer is something that really gave me a sense of purpose in life . Before that I was just working jobs that didnt inspire me at all...My heart just wasnt in the work and I was kind of jaded towards life because of it...was pretty much just going through the motions with no real sense of pride in myself. I had really low self esteem. Getting hired by the department of public safety changed all that though. My mom works at a hospital school so thats the mentality I went into corrections with. I wanted to help people, although thats easier said than done when you work at an all male prison with guys in their late teens to early 20's...alot of them just dont want to listen to wise words and/or have already been brainwashed by older gang members...its a tough job. On the uniform theres a DPS insignia right over your heart that says "protection and service"
    Basing on my own experience I think the base for learning a new language is being constantly in contact with the language, and being perseverant above all. Then, the process of learning is something that occurs automatically as you get more and more familiarized with it and as a result of repetition. Most of the process in unconscious. Perhaps the talent is something that may be present within some people more than others and this is innate. But I think that any person can learn a language (sooner or later) if he or she is constantly exposed to it.

    Sorry, this part of the message was supposed to be before the part where I asked you where you were from, but I had to send it separately because it was too long to send it as one message haha. Sorry
    Hi Ransfordrowe! Nice to meet you :)

    Yes, I'm an English-Spanish translator. I speak Spanish, English, and a little Italian. Spanish is my mother tongue. I became interested in the English language when I was about 13. But it wasn't until I finished school that I started to learn English in order to become a translator because my English level was not very high yet.

    Where are you from? I'm from Argentina. You know what? despite of being a translator I'm still quite insecure and afraid of making mistakes haha. I still keep learning new things.

    Thanks for passing by! greetings
    Hi, sorry for my late reply. I like Frida Kahlo and colourful paintings in general.
    Pays a lot, if you exclude taxes from the demonic nether.

    Yeah I do like fantasy things, how's it going?
    I generally like pop music but also some "dance" hits , I generally listen to main-stream no underground, metal or other ..Are you into classic music?
    to be honest, I wish I listened more to Mozart. at the time I choose it for my username (8 years ago) I thought I was some kind of unrecognized genius LOL
    I've been working part time and studying full time for the past few weeks. It's tough because I don't have a car and I have to ride the bus everywhere in nearly 100-degree weather, but it's not too bad. Other than that I've been hanging out with my friends more often, going to the movies and just driving around. I'm doing very well now.
    Thanks for the advice. Now do you know how to help with motivation, assertiveness, and being outgoing?

    It was okay, I didn't understand it a little bit because I didn't know which movie is it and I didn't watch the old ones recently.
    Ok cool. I feel the same way of total strangers sending friend requests.

    I didn't but I saw the new star wars movie.

    I guess to be more social, loose weight, get more motivated, and be more assertive.
    What are yours?

    Sorry for the late reply.
    Hey I'm currently going through a bit of a phase where I don't really like music all that much haha. A band I like now though is Third Eye Blind. What kind of music do you like?
    Hi. Oh okay idk about accepting a friend request because we are not friends yet. It has nothing to do with you it just it's very hard for me to make friends with people. I might accept it though if we become friends in the future. Idk it just that I'm very guarded I think. I hope you understand. We can still talk via visitor message, I'm not saying we can't talk anymore.

    Did you have a big tree in your area? I like looking at the decorations too

    No I didn't this year, well only one outside my house. I had some inside my home though. Did you have decorations? I didn't like it as usual because I'm not that social (but I want to be though) and I had to reveal something I didn't want to. Did you enjoy your Christmas?
    Hi. It's okay. Cool, I like playing sports when there is a chance to play too as long as I like the sport.

    There is a big tree where Christmas lights are put on, reeves on the street lights, and lights hanging across the street lights I think (I don't get out a lot so idk 100 percent). How about your town?

    I saw you befriended me, what made you befriend me? I only ask because I'm not use to people befriending me. Hope I didn't offend you.
    Hi. Cool, did you like rounders?

    I don't have any in my town.

    I mostly listen to Christmas songs by him now. I like it because of the beats, the way the songs sound, and because of my possible avpd.
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