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  • Hi. What was impressive about Big Ben?

    I played tennis and baseball for real and it was fun. Have you played baseball on a field before?

    Well I like rnb, hip pop, pop, k pop, k hip pop. But I mostly listen to k hip pop,k pop, Christmas songs right now. But my favorite of those genres are Big Bang, BTS, Justin Bieber.
    Hello again. Yeah Chili has a friendly personality. He loves being pet, but he isn't spoiled and never barks at his owners. He's older now so he mostly likes to lay around, but he still gets excited when I take him on walks. :) Sorry about the late response, but I've recently decided to stop using any sort of social media including this one to help with my SA. So, I don't know when we'll be talking next, but I hope you keep growing and have better days! Thanks for chatting with me, Ransfordrowe!
    I thought you were talking about video games when you mentioned tennis, F1, tennis, and soccer that's why. I like volleyball, football, basketball, and baseball occasionally.

    Have you been to the Big Ben?

    What are you favorite rock and rnb artists?
    Cool. By busy you mean lots of people and cars? What is that famous clock called?

    Sorry but I didn't get a answer to what sports do you follow and what is virtual reality like? I'm interested in knowing.

    Well right now it is, I don't listen to new songs due to possible avpd, Bts. What about you?
    So that is why you like those games because of the best riders in the world racing?

    What is virtual reality like?

    What sports do you follow?

    London, I never been there. How is it living there?

    Sorry for all the questions that is just my way of conversing.
    Oooo sounds lovely. In the big dogs category, I like huskies and in the little dogs category I like french bulldogs. I've got a red retriever as a pet named Chili. What about you?
    Hi. I know. What sports do you follow?

    Sorry but I didn't get a answer to these questions "what is motor gp?""You like the game because the best riders and driers in the world operate F1 and motor gp" and "what do you know about the ps4 and virtual reality". I'm interested in knowing the answers.

    The US. You live in United Kingdom?

    Motor gp is? You like the game because the best riders and drivers in world operate F1 and motor gp?

    Oh, you live in England I did not know. Why don't you watch American football?

    I don't know anything about it. What do you think about it?
    It's okay. Oh, why do you feel uncomfortable of death being used for entertainment? Why do you like sport games such as F1,tennis, and bike racing?

    I know a medium amount about football, I watch it whenever I get a chance. Do you watch American football?

    Sorry about the late response.
    Another comic book I really like is Spawn. I find that in those comic books they used religion so well, as I am not religious. Spawn though is just a badass and has an awesome story. I'd like to get more of his comics for sure though.
    Yea I love the new stuff for Hulk! I really, really loved Planet Hulk and thought it was a masterpiece. Another comic I really like is Watchmen.
    Hi. I'm into violent videos games but mostly play sport games now. Why don't you like violent video games? What is F1 and a second hand PlayStation 2? Me either I am not a hard core gamer either I play occasionally. I play sport games involving basketball and football.

    I don't really have a best game but I had fun with 2k 2012, madden 08, and a motor biking/atv game.
    I have not seen the tv shows of Hulk. We do have good comics in Canada I have 2 shops in my area I go too. They also sell a lot of board/card games such as Magic The Gathering.
    My favorite Hulk comic was definitely Planet Hulk. I am trying to find World War Hulk but can't seem to find it haha. Me I like anything Hulk. Doesn't have to be new or old haha, I guess though if I had to choose I like the newer art for him.
    I am into pretty much any comic books. Mostly super heroes. I have all the Walking Dead books up to date too. I've been reading a lot of Hulk, Deadpool, Flash, stuff like that.
    Nice. I like it too when the real world and fantasy fuse together. College is eh. I just started recently, and it's really tough to focus on what's happening in class with my social problems. It's really tiring, but I think I can get through it somehow.
    Oh lol didn't realize that was your real name. Not sure where the first name ends and last name begins. Sorry for the late response. I've started college at a new school, so I've been dealing with that. That's cool that you read. I've never been much of a reader. Wish I was. Not good at interpreting words. Mostly images I guess. I've gone down the social anxiety hole, so I haven't really been making art, but when I do, it's generally drawings of creatures that I design, like fairies, unicorns, demons, generally mammalian creatures. What's your favorite fantasy novel? Maybe I'd start actually reading lol.
    That does sound therapeutic. :) Kind of like aquascaping. You should google it. It's so surreal. I like surreal art and some fantasy art. Tony Diterlizzi's illustrations in Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide were a huge influence on my art as a kid and probably still are. Where'd your username come from?
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