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    Dear life,

    Dear Life, Thank you :) I've a long list of them. It's been a great while since I've been on and I'll be leaving but I can't just have things hang the way they were. Thank you to this site for giving me my independence back, of course I will not be so humble as to pat myself on the back a...
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    For No Reason

    This picture inspires me :) You don't need to respond, you just need to look.
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    Forgive my rant

    I'm awfully sorry if I sound stupid but I feel the need to write this down or else I'm bound to cry. How dumb of me, I know. Two of my friends made a fan page on Facebook called "We Hate Mexican Krista" as a joke, I know this but it still hurts the hell out of me ::(: What's worse is all I...
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    Inferiority complex.....

    I can somewhat agree with this. My aunt and I just had a conversation where she asked me why I don't have a backbone when it comes to other people. I'm very outspoken and frank with most everyone but there are certain people I will let walk all over me because I'm afraid to say something that...
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    Question and Answer thread

    Because as much as I love the dear mods on this forum, you're not always around and I have questions that need answering :rolleyes: So since I always post them in random threads with the hope that someone will see it and answer it(whether that be another member or mod), I've made this :) I'm...
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    Could I please get a mod to get on here for about five minutes. Por favor, gracias.
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    You guys inspire me

    I couldn't ask for a better group of people to share my fears and triumphs with. You all are amazing :) YouTube - Kate Earl - Melody
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    Might I ask

    Do any of you find solace in playing instruments? I know many of you are incredible artists, I myself play the piano and it's one thing I can say I do extremely well. My only thing I enjoy about myself. I wanted to continue with the violin because of my fondness for classical pieces...but I'm...
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    Valentine's Day

    I completely forgot that it was coming up. I'm sure most of you would like to punch me right in the baby maker for bringing it up but I'd like to inform you since I have no date anymore, you all will be my Valentine, lol. Like it or not.
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    I'm confused

    On why the hell this strange saying is put below my name: Lord wont you buy me a Mercedez Benz And how do I get it off? Or at least change it.
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    A posed question..

    How many of you are religious? Christian, Catholic, Hindu, whatever your beliefs. Serious answers, if you're going to dispute the name of someone's God let it be with validated truths on your part. Not comments like "That's dumb.." or something in regards to slander. State your case, not an...
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    OCD tendencies?

    I'm wondering if anyone would like to share their own with me? I can't say that I've been diagnosed with OCD, but some of my habits or "quirks" as everyone else refers to them strongly suggests I do. Mine include: - Having to have my bed made constantly. My bed is pretty much...
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    Friends, who needs them

    I feel like I do ::(: Just one problem, my friends don't seem to care about me as much as I do about them. I'm not looking for reassurance or to be told that I'm some amazing person but I like to consider myself a very good friend, there isn't one thing I wouldn't do for them. So why does it...
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    Breaking Free

    Thinking about doing something drastic. Like moving.......out on my own, to somewhere I don't know even know. Full of faces I've never seen and names I've not been associated with. But in reality I have someone, I can't just abandon the things I have but I have this antsy feeling that won't go...
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    Happy Endings

    Well not necessarily endings of any sort, but I am awfully tired of seeing such depressing things on here ::(: Wish I could cheer each one of you up individually but I can't. So, besides the fact that I wish I could see some happier posts this was made just to do so. Even if it's cleaning your...