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  • nicer weather here finally! How about you? where are you living Mr. Radley? I had a great time recently saw some rl mountain goats while fishing on the river which makes me happies :) They were so far away though so they looked like blobs of snow but I spotted them Yeah!!
    Thank you for sharing such personal information in your reply Kiwong. It was very helpful.:)
    wow those are amazing times! incredible, do u come in the top for your age bracket? so you also haven't ran a marathon.. thats a bit rare isn't it? alot of people here are aiming to do marathons right away.. i guess it applies everywhere? but im sure you would have no problem running one, right? if you can have those times in 21k, then you for sure are strong enough to run marathon right? training for the endurance needed won't be that difficult compared to what it took to get to where you are now already.. at least thats how im thinking about it..

    the book is great so far! first running book, also heard about murakami's running book.. passed off buying the non-fiction running books since there are so many articles online about running that give good tips, i wonder if its worth buying a running book, scanning thru them give the impression they're basic.. i dont know
    im currently reading dean karnazas' book :) i first wanted to do long races, but i thought i needed to build muscle and strength first so im focusing on shorter races, 10k to 21k only.
    i averaged about 50km a week but ive recently stopped due to social phobia and a couple of other things that were bugging me.. im planning to start again soon.. i also try to do as much strength training as i can.. so far ive only joined 1 race.. im not that into joining many races, maybe only about 3 or 4 a year.. have u been running for long? whats your PR in the marathon? do u also join shorter faster races?
    Yeah I read the salt makes the water more denser and as a result more buoyant then you have the addition of a wetsuit which makes it even easier. By the way, my first triathlon is this Wednesday, Australia Day. I just entered! Hope I go alright, would make a great birthday present.
    I'm confident in my cycling however with running it should be OK as long as my knee doesn't give me trouble like it has recently. I got new shoes but I'm either still adjusting to the new shoes or something else is wrong because it still hurts.

    Now swimming is my biggest weakness, I can swim a total of 2km but I need to have a short 10-20 second rest between each 50m lap. Obviously I won't be able to do this in a race so I need practice do continuous swim. Everytime I reach the end of the pool I just have the urge to stop. Not good.

    Read that you're injured again, is it getting better? Hows the running going?
    I've entered the Busselton Ironman 70.3 which is the half ironman race in May 2011. I had only just started to swim when I entered, I felt this is a good challenge for myself and aim to work on to achieve it.

    Problem is having not done a triathlon before I am full of uncertainty, I would like to do a smaller enticer or pursuit triathlon to get a feel of it all but I'm just trying to get confident with my ability - this is where I am struggling at the moment. I want to do the smaller enticer race but people kept telling me it's not worth it because it's so short so I am too scared to even do that race. So aim is to do a couple of pursuit races before my big one. Pursuit race is 750 m swim, 20 km ride and 5 km run.
    yes, it was a big flash, I was at traffic lights and thought it was a red-light camera
    Sometimes music really doesn't need lyrics, sometimes lyrics are everything needed.
    Such short songs! Beautiful and yet so short. The movie, The Killing Fields? Have you seen it? Should it be watched?
    Oh, & novel writing on pause, eco projects in process - some of it is interesting, some a bit frustrating lol.. lots of work, so far volunteer style... hoping to find some funding for it too.. it's a process... (like with the back & restoring health I guess :)) How's your novel writing?
    Hey Kiwong! :) This website was really helpful to me in the process: Dr Bookspan's Sports Medicine - Fix Pain, Healthier Life - check the free articles! They are very good! and Connective Tissue Disorder Site - she says that muscle imbalance/tension can be a cause, yup - I got the books on trigger point therapy too, interesting to read, nutrition and posture and trigger points are connected, didn't do much of it then though.. There's a book about back-stress connection, it was helpful to read about it too.. And to go to a spa for free treatment :)
    I found that meat for a big meal was okay 2-3x a week, and veggies with it for antioxidants (salad and/or cooked, or both).. Fruit is best to be eaten separately (too much citrus or peach or vitamin C can cause back pain/rheumatism too) Maybe you could try some different recipes or different veggies or fruits? :)
    Really? It's one of my most liked songs. Sums everything up nicely, or rather, it's like finding the exact words needed to communicate clearly. In a sense the perfect sound of feeling.
    I often listen to it. :)
    Do you have a song that does that for you?
    Hey Kiwong! Back pain can relate to improper monitor height, or food (too much meat or wine or sweets, sometimes going gluten-free can help too), or stress... I found it was much better once I adjusted those somewhat.. massages can be cool too.. and yup mine was from injury too, a few years ago.. took a while to heal, all good now, mostly..
    Oh, and Happy New Year!! :) I thought I said it before!! Wishing you lots of HEALTH and happiness!!
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