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  • lol, she does look very like 99! Its Alexis Krauss from the duo 'Sleigh Bells'. They were going to play at Falls this year but got snowed in and couldn't leave the US

    It was a very hot day, I hope you were able to stay hydrated. How long was the race? Anyhow 3rd out of 50 people is mighty impressive. That is awesome Kiwong :)

    As for my knee, I went out for a 10 km run just now but the pain is still there, I had to stop and walk at the 7 km mark, just didn't want to risk causing more damage. I also noticed my sole of my feet are a little tender and a slight sharp pain on the ball of the foot. It almost feels like the cushion of the shoes are not doing it's job. My shoes are Asics DS trainer 15s, and they have been great until the last couple of weeks. They have about 500 km on them. Do you think I should be getting new shoes?
    I don't think I can make it Kiwong, I hurt my knee again on my Tuesday run and still feeling it today. I should be resting it I think, plus I don't think I could keep up with you :) Not sure why I injured myself I thought I have been taking precautions. Anyway good luck with your race!
    Just saw a post of yours regarding your running, damn you're fast. How can I get that fast!
    I'd love to run 4 min/ks for 5km, 10km and the half!
    I really, absolutely like your signature.
    Birds always look so free when they fly. Not just free of the ground but free of the guidelines, specifics and everything humans do in complexity.
    I had to comment because I thought it was written well, and I liked it.
    "Stay Gold"!:cool:Great book! I remember when we studied that book for English in High School!:)
    The Perth City to Surf was pretty good, I was worried about the 'hills' I've been reading about as I've only been running on flats mostly. I was happy with my time and hoping to beat it or do the half marathon next year. For the 12 km run I did it in 58min 02 seconds (or 4:50 min/km). Happy with that. Came 1189 out of 13759 runners in the 12 km event.

    I want to get into triathlons and did my first Duathlon (run/bike/run) on the 10/10/10. That was interesting. I've realised I am not competitive enough in running and have to some how get faster.

    I'm sorry to hear you're injured. I know what it's like having an injury that's stopped you doing something you love. Rest up mate, hope you get better soon.
    Hey man, hows the running going? I started running April this year and it's growing on me. I've only entered one running event so far and that was the City to Surf, only 12 km but it was fun. I'm guessing your a marathon runner? :)
    Hi johnstonm, yes there is a bushland creek reserve only about 5 minutes away. I do a lot of my running there.
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