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    Things you miss about your childhood

    My home, my parents, our pets, the scribbly gum trees in our garden, my room, my toys, being able to run faster than the wind, Christmas presents, easter show bags, freshly delivered bread, the sound of the postie,
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    I go for runs, take seascape photos, go on bushwalks chasing flowers, learn new songs on my guitar, sleep, spend too much time on social media, play Wordament on my phone, cheer my footy team on.
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    Exercise Log

    I have a 10km in 3 weeks. Going through a rough stretch, ran 6km slowly my heart rate was 154. A week or so ago, I ran 8 minutes quicker and my heart rate was 138.
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    What have you had the most success with?

    medication to take the edge off gradual repeated and increasing exposure to situations I fear. building new neural pathways a change of focus, works by experiencing more positive interactions.
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    Are you ever jealous of other people?

    people got their problems, the grass is not always greener.
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    How are you feeling?

    Bit anxious. Glad the weekend is here.
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    Post your random thoughts/feelings etc

    Out of pills. I have to take a few.
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    rate the last film you watched

    The Revenant 8/10 Full on adventure, a stark movie. That bear attack was incredible. First They kilked my father. 7/10 Good. A little slow to get going.
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    How are you feeling?

    Updated my photo website for the first time in 2 years, learnt some new songs on guitar. This time last year I was in hospital.
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    Post your favorite Youtube videos!

    Telling a joke in fluent gibberish, only Andy Kaufman/Latka could pull it off.
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    how are you feeling? (in music)

    He called out to the seabirds, take me now I am no longer afraid to die they pretended not hear him just watched him with their hard and bright black eyes.