• Hi Kiwong, ty for the good advice on my thread. It helped me a lot. It is to the point and made good sense to me, much appreciated. Good bye now. I hope this note finds you doing well!
    Just saying hey :) also..You live your words-you are very amazing person, I look-up to you. It's been forever since I could say that about anyone.Thanks so much for being here for us. Take care now, Kiwong, sir :o)
    Belive that a journey commenced with the tiniest baby steps can lead to a destination where the impossible begins
    WOW, Congratulations!! :) Novel writing going bad, I started another one, lol!! (Not sure if I'll ever finish it, but it's FUN to start! hehe) Haven't finished any of them yet... Maybe they will just stay hatchlings, though occasionally I'd like to finish some/all of them... Have you ever finished any?

    And WoW on another awesome quote. Where do you get'em??
    Of all the thoughts we have only 5% are worth keeping. They are the one that make dreams come true.
    WOW! Congratulations on running the half marathon! :) How did it go?
    Awesome quote down below, love it!!
    Lot's of pine, spruce and birch. In summer near water it's more diverse.

    Forest lake

    Midnight sun in forest
    Kiwong, that would be awesome if you can make it. I'll definitely meet up with you this time :)
    Thoughts are like seeds left discarded that can become dreams, that grow into actions that develope into days lived more brilliant than can be imagined.
    Sometimes I think I was meant to be a bird and fly away, running is the closest I can get to flying.
    Gawd, that place looks beautiful! Thank you for sharing. You run there often? I would be too busy taking pics to exercise LoL what a paradise-like scene with the wildlife. Awesome, Kiwong-keep on going :)
    great! do you have a pic of the baby roo? Are the mothers dangerous/more aggressive to people when they have babies?
    nicer weather here finally! How about you? where are you living Mr. Radley? I had a great time recently saw some rl mountain goats while fishing on the river which makes me happies :) They were so far away though so they looked like blobs of snow but I spotted them Yeah!!
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