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  • Hey, i didn't end up running the Cleveland marathon because of a registration problems. I ran the full 14miles on my bike trail though which felt just as good to accomplish. Plus, I'm running a 5k in october with my dad. Its a peace run close to where i live which has a really pretty rose garden and park area. Im excited.
    Hello replica, I might even come over west to run the City to Surf HM. See you on the start line maybe.
    Hey, thanks for asking! Haven't gotten around to a second outing yet :/ I've been super busy and the weather has been crappy. But I'm finished with classes so I'll have plenty of time to continue! :D
    Hey! Thanks for the advice. That's awesome that your training is going good, and I can see how swimming would be difficult...considering it's the ocean!!! Kudos to you since it's probably really coldddd lol
    And that's cool that the iron man starts in may. I'm doing mine 10 days later...pretty crazy, but so far it's been actually pretty fun :)
    It's going good :)
    I just ran on the bike trail for the first time since last summer and I built up a lot of stamina since then. I'm still struggling with keeping a steady pace though. I ran/walked 6miles but I walked about a third of it. Any advice? lol
    Anyways, how's you're training going?? Looks like you start Wednesday? That's really awesome! I have to say, you're defiantly a motivator for me. Good Luck!!
    I'm only pool jogging at present. The half ironman should be easier swimming tha in the pool being in salt water? More bouyancy.
    A half ironman that's huge. Can you try different components of the race to build up? Maybe try and 10km race or half marathon? You seem to have the cycle and swim legs covered for distance.
    Yes I can relate there but look if you would like someone to talk to in person about these issues I am more then happy to meet up. You know I can't rememer going 2 while weeks without feeling this underlying sadness I just want to be extroverted and actually enjoy being around ppl surely god did not intend us to be born loners and actually enjoy it this rlly sux
    yes it does feel great I just find it hard to accept that being assertive is so hard for me I just seem to avoid confrontation at all costs and I hate speaking loudly its strange lol

    well we have similar personality types then accept I am ISFP im not so sure what perceiving means tho?

    what is wrong with your moods lately? I have to say I don't even get moody anymore I think most of my moodiness was caused from anxiety and ppl not understanding me but now that I 'm starting to understand myself I don't feel as frustrated and moody :) in fact I feel almost carefree hehe

    good on you for training for a triathlon you wont see me doin that! lol I'm yet to start back at the gym :-(
    Hey u I'm doing rlly well thanks :) my social anxiety has still gone although I'm having trouble accepting my personality style as I'm never going to be talkative and extroverted unfortunately :( my Hypnotherapist said because I'm more introverted that I will always be more quiet and reserved especially around strangers it's not necessarily shyness it's just how I am so I've been doing slot of research regarding my personality type so still discovering me u guess :) how are things with u ??
    I had never heard of them but I just went and watched a bunch of them!! I like the one where he is trying to watch TV. Thanks for the laugh!
    It was an 8km cross country race I did 35.02, Replica. I was really happy with the last km in 4:09. Paced myself pretty well in the heat.

    With the knee it might be worth getting new shoes to see if that helps. If it doesn't it could be worth getting to a sports physio to see what is going on. For my own knee problems I found seeing a good sports physio and podiatrist really helped. I used to get knee pain until a physio showed me McConnell taping. It helped keep my kneecap on track, which was causing pain. Also they can show you some stretches and exercises to keep your hammies, ITB and quads loose. I also got a pair of custom made orthotics and they help too.
    Aww rlly yeah that would be awesome hey I'm not rlly excited for nye this year I font rlly feel like spending it with my younger sister and her friend I feel like being around pplmy age but seeing as I don't have many decent friends that won't happen I might stay in aswel and be grumpy
    G'day Replica. The race went pretty well. I managed to come third out of about fifty people. It was hot! Hope the knee is better.
    Oh no u poor thing haha well I guess mine is doing the same thing lol was there sea breeze I didn't notice :( wat r u doing for nye by the way ?
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