• "Put your camera on a tripod, helps with the focus, and shooting in low light. Go back at dawn or dusk when the light is likely to be more softer more colourful, or there might be some a mist around. Maybe wait until some ducks are in the image.

    Use a polariser, this helps improve colour saturation, or perhaps a warm up filter. With a tripod you can also take really long exposures, even capture star trails. Experiment with aperture and f stop.

    Use lightroom or photoshop elements (which is not too expensive) to better capture what you saw with the naked eye. The jpegs that are captured by a camera are often flat and the colours faded.

    That's why all pro photographers, well nearly all photographers shoot in camera raw, and then use software such as Photoshop or lightroom. Usually they have a workflow to enhance the image, not doctor it, to better render the what they saw with the naked eye."

    Polarizer; warm-up filter. Okay, I'll google those. :P
    I've completed my first week and I'm terrified, but I'm still alive. We'll see how it goes. Just taking it day by day. Thanks for the message, mate. :)
    Hi Kiwong:) I have survived the first two weeks, just :P Had no spare time to come in here though, until now. How is your running going?
    Your running pictures look awesome! I think you should be very proud of yourself. You're doing what most people wish they had the determination to do.
    Yes it is, thanks. I just noticed your comment under mine hehe and that is really cool that you are writing like that! I have basically been "cured" of my SA and depression and I'm in the process of writing a book about my journey to "peace and happiness". I'll keep you posted about it if you're interested :)
    No problem! I added you because you commented on one of my threads, so thank YOU for that :) Yes, I am doing very well, I'm more excited for my future than I ever have been before :). And how are you doing?
    A story I wrote it's a wishful thinking fantasy about anxiety, and what it would like to be free from it as a bird.

    Speculative Fiction | Feathers | AntipodeanSF
    wait, did you say cockatiel or cockatoo? can't remember. both are beautiful, though. got pics of your man?
    We are having really bad humidity up here too at night. At least you got some rain to cool things down, Kiwong.:thumbup: We have not had any rain for several weeks :/
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