• AntipodeanSF - "The Cure"

    My attitude towards medication from 8 years ago.
    And now I know why darkness makes me smile.

    Matt Finish - Short Note - YouTube
    Naw, anybody would do the same I reckon. I wish I had people from the forum here as neighbors, it'd be one big party :)
    The lady who bought my photo was very happy with it, and she sent me a nice card as well.
    Someone wanted to buy one of my photos, that made me really happy, I feel at peace with the world at the moment.
    Keep your chin up, dude. Don't pay no attention to the haters. That post of yours was truly inspiring, like really. I recently thought of something the other day that might fit the situation: "I'm the only 'me' I'm ever going to have". For some reason that just came into my mind. I dunno... just thought I'd share that with you :thumbup:
    Why do you feel your world is going to "crash down around me"? What is wrong, Kiwong?:sad:
    Yeah, I meant the photograph on your page. I'm alright, almost done getting through some tough stuff! I'm enjoying your writing and photography. Best wishes!
    "Put your camera on a tripod, helps with the focus, and shooting in low light. Go back at dawn or dusk when the light is likely to be more softer more colourful, or there might be some a mist around. Maybe wait until some ducks are in the image.

    Use a polariser, this helps improve colour saturation, or perhaps a warm up filter. With a tripod you can also take really long exposures, even capture star trails. Experiment with aperture and f stop.

    Use lightroom or photoshop elements (which is not too expensive) to better capture what you saw with the naked eye. The jpegs that are captured by a camera are often flat and the colours faded.

    That's why all pro photographers, well nearly all photographers shoot in camera raw, and then use software such as Photoshop or lightroom. Usually they have a workflow to enhance the image, not doctor it, to better render the what they saw with the naked eye."

    Polarizer; warm-up filter. Okay, I'll google those. :P
    I've completed my first week and I'm terrified, but I'm still alive. We'll see how it goes. Just taking it day by day. Thanks for the message, mate. :)
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