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    Out of Place

    So I've started going to a university. All my life, I've never had any ACTUAL friends(I had childhood friends who didn't last long and were not what you would call friends, trust me). So my new roommates seemed interested in me at first. I started feeling extremely inadequate when they got super...
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    I feel like the devil has taken me over

    I keep getting this paranoid feeling that the world is ending. It's this feeling that has somewhat forced me out of my shell a bit lately. And now if the world ends, all the time that I've wasted in silence is catching up with's like I've been dropped down a black hole and HERE I AM...
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    Anyone have a Facebook account?

    So I know none of us are completely socially efficient, but I was wondering if maybe some of you would make a facebook account to ease yourselves into the social world. I was also wondering if some of you would friend me...I have practically no friends on it and it's a bit daunting. So, do you...
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    Fed up with reality

    So I'm a few weeks from entering UF and I'm a nervous reck. I haven't made a friend in 11 long years, and it's unlikely that I'll have any success in college. I have the social skills of a snail. I've missed so much in life...teenage years are supposed to be the best years of your life, but I've...
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    I wish I had a friend

    Nothing fancy. Just a plain old, kind hearted soul to talk to. My social skills are bland, I just can't seem to relate to people, much less hold on to their friendship. My life is really in bad shape right now. My depression and anxiety seem to be getting worse, and I'm lonlier than ever. Nobody...
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    Why I hate myself

    I know that some of you might tell me to start a diary, but I think that I should definately tell someone about this. I think about suicide every second of the day. Everything I see is shrouded in darkness; and when I barely look at people in the face, it makes me feel even worse. I come home...
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    Did I make the right decision?

    So recently I got a schedule change. I am a senior in high school. I was taking 6 AP classes originally, but I got out of two. In the process, I got out of AP ex math teacher keeps seeing me around campus and yelling at me calling me lazy .... so now I have no math class, and...
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    Kathryn is very stressed

    Well to start off with, I just started school. My schedule is jacked up; they put me in 5 AP(college level) classes(I only signed up for two)... the whole school is in a furry because everyone was put in overly advanced classes, although I seem to be in the worst situation... I have no 7th or 8...
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    A nasty letter my friend sent me

    I posted a previous thread which is connected to this it is: My friend and I are having a feud, I got angry at her yesterday, and I said I didn't want to be friends with her anymore because she's a bitch to...
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    I flunked my drivers license test

    I was very anxious and it made me feel very bad...I nearly got the lady in a car accident....has anyone had a similar experience?
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    My only friend (Semi rant....)

    For many years, the only friend I've ever had was a girl named Jessie. I've been off and on with her for 12 years, due to the fact that she is very arrogant and ready to fight all the time. I've tried being nice to her to avoid fighting, but no matter what I do she seems to see me as her "puppy...
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    My parents just don't understand

    At this point in my life, I literally feel like I have nobody. My parents have been sending me to a psychologist lately, but I really feel like they still can't understand. I was invited to go to the national honor society recently, and my mom has forced me to accept. Its a big deal to her...
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    Sexual Harassment Story

    There's this boy in my chemistry class...he always comes to my lab table and talks to my lab partner a lot. He's always flirting with her and being really dirty, saying things like," so when are you gonna give it up?" I can tell she gets really annoyed, but instead of defending her I stand mute...
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    School and SA?

    Hey, I have been suffering from SA all my life and have been going to school. I always asked my mom if I could be homeschooled because of my problem, but she has insistently I am left to suffer with bullies and no friends. Because I am so anxious in social situations, I was...
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    Do you have any friends?

    I used to have one, but she ditched me one day D=