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  • Oh wow... thanks. I think you do me too much credit, but thanks. I hope you get what you are seeking! How's the painting project you've mentioned?
    Well well, you are very welcome, I've always wanted to be on your friends list! I am you knowww addy, how are you?
    I’m glad to hear you're doing well, described in an interesting way :p The canoe trip sounds fun. Whats new with me would be a new pet bird
    I like your new avatar, so cute! Just one question though: is it a teapot, or just an outstandingly random silly little creature with a vacuum cleaner for a snout?
    Such a happy new year to you too, friend! What'd you get up to the eve of 2011?
    Hey.. good to hear that. Always a relief after the schoolwork is done. Lol... Epic? Nope. I've to postpone art for the moment. Too much stuff to do. I think I'm artistically challenged. Can't seem to learn the simplest technical skills and remember the anatomy correctly. I'll probably try and put up a couple of random sketches I've just made in the artists thread though... just for the heck of it.
    Ah... I thought you might enjoy them hehe... Glad that you do like it. Have your exams and schoolwork ended?
    Stress, perhaps? Ah, finals. Don't miss em. Good to know you didn't, like, die or something. ::p:

    I'm mostly over my unfortunate bout of diverticulitis. And happily I still have tons of serious pain killers left over to play with. :D
    Quarter's worth of paper to write in under a day heh? Ah... I almost miss.. no make that I DO miss those times... Good luck man hehe. I'm sure you'll make it somehow
    Amazing !!! :D Take your timeee. I don't want to take it out of your busy schedule. I have all the time in the worrldd, so I can wait, and wait, and maybe even wait just a little more.
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