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  • WOW!! :) Yes, that would be great!! I bet it'll be totally awesome and make people think!! Will you (or others) have some signs or a petition or info materials etc too? Do you know the blog Fake Plastic Fish? She's done something similar, it was more of a info booth though, people made promises to reduce plastic in their lives.. :)
    Hey! How come you are making a plastic shirt? (for insulation?) Are you living in a tent? Or performing on the streets? Eco-friendly recycling? Or bad heating/eco-economy? just curious.. (and when you make it, can you post a pic? :))
    "At the dawn of Time, the primordial unity of unconsciousness that was the state of primitive man gave way to opposition, a duality, a self and others, a this and that, an I and an everything else.."
    you know what... we should make a thread about iscribble... get people who like to scribble to join up. Anyone, not just the obviously skilled artists... whaddya think?
    I'm fond of the drones from various themes. E.g. The drones from Starcraft, the drones from Magic the Gathering (Eldrazi Drones), the drones from Alpha Centauri (Sid Meier's)... and most of the people around me are almost drones.
    I've been doing better than ever for a couple dazeeeeeee. But a couple before that were not so swell.

    Today I went somewhere with no cell service yeaaahz. And I saw a bear! I was like, 3 metres away!!! In a vehicle of course, but still.
    Lol that's pretty awesome. Not to much been playing alot of guitar that's about it :D .
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