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  • Yup... I'd already known most of what that article was going on about though I did pick a thing or two. A little like how the sight of an ordinary person makes his hearing worse than that of the average "born blind" person. But actual sensitivity and visual memory in this day and age may be a little harmful too considering the *crazy* amount of stimuli we receive.

    And you? Self-conscious? You're already extremely good lol... I will try and complete my work, but I'm having a lot of difficulty without any reference.
    !!!! I wish I were making the most of my time in such ways! What is it you're painting?

    I've been well! Making the most of my summer by.... well, doing some reckless teenage things, it seems. I'm leaving for Alberta in 10 days to live with my brothers and their little families! 21 hours on a bus and then I'm there : ) I didn't end up camping just yet, but I've been on some lakes! I'll likely be able to bug my brothers into taking me camping before there's snow, maybe.

    So much good to you, friend! Let me know how your schoolings get going!
    Oh dear goodness! Might sound a little off, given that you are deaded from it all, but I am slightly (well, substantially, actually) envious that you have the dicipline to even haaave the attention span for that. I do not know where mine went to.

    Your mind is forested.

    I'm currently babysitting! Which seems to be what I'm always doing. Ahhhh, and stressed.
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