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  • Hi. I just saw one of your posts and found out that you live in NC. As it turns out, I too live in NC. Maybe in the future we can do a meet up?
    Hey .. giving up coffee can be challenging... I only have 1 or 2 cups a day so it isn't really a problem for me..
    Things are pretty good with me.... Springtime and creativity and more stuff....
    Hi! So nice that you noticed :) Yeah I've been gone for a while... I check in here secretely once in a while though... How are you today?
    DUDE! I appreciate the link/message. I just now seen it on my profile, apparently I cant see visitor messages from my phone. Thanks dude. Hope things are good in your corner of the world.
    You... you deleted it? ARRGH ,jsahfkjd Just hearing it makes me cringe D': It'd drive me insane having one of my frequented tabs closed, augh.

    How did your mum recover? I hope she's feeling okay now.
    Ooh, I see. It only happened once, when I was too tired to even touch the comp. I returned once I got treated, when I felt better :)

    I have the forum tab open all the time, haha.
    I like that performance of My Curse. Thanks!
    Oh no I thought u meant u liked the actor Timothy Hutton, when u said the guy who sings in the bar...! I'm a dork. Then don't watch Sunshine State, it's only mediocre! :giggle:
    Hey I just watched a movie called Sunshine State with that actor you like (I think that's the actor u like) nice movie!
    Oh and I like that song Fountain and fairfax.

    Do know this cover they did of Miss World, I think it's genious.

    Afghan Whigs - Miss World (Courtney Love/Hole cover) - YouTube
    Tradesies or no deal >:[ (that glare smiley is supposed to bully you into sharing)
    That's cool. Fountain and Fairfax is one of my fav Whigs songs. I got to see them twice(Black Love and 1965 tours), and I think Twilight Singers once. Nothing like the Whigs though. My two friends are even bigger fans. In college, they drove from Michigan to New Orleans and Montreal to see them in small clubs.
    Afghan Whigs fan, huh? Great band! I just saw Greg Dulli last year in concert. It was just okay, cuz it was only him and he was playing acoustic.
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