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    I'd never be a spelling Nazi, I was just talking about how it read, with those particular letters in bold.

    I should have stuck with advertising. Ha Ha

    that has ****ed me up! i dont have an answer for that:D
    Thanks for adding me. I just saw your post on the "ugly comments..." thread and I gotta say, you're among the people on SPW who were called ugly during childhood/adolescence but in actuality, is far from ugly.

    Nice to know you like art, too. I used to draw portraits a lot but I've been lazy about it for the past couple of years, unfortunately.
    i LOVE looking at my user profile now because i get to see the greatness that is :57 and it puts a huge smile on my face! haha! :D
    aww you totally left during our fun filled convo! haha... i'm glad you liked david after dentist, it never gets old! haha! hope all is well, talk to ya later :)
    I'll try to copy and paste a pic of my aviary for you and if that doesn't work, I will try something else.
    I will take a snap shot of my aviary and paste into your visitor messages, how does that sound to you. But first, how do I go about doing this, as I have no idea on how to paste pictures on the internet.
    I have two dogs, Jess in the picture and the other dog I own is a cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Basil and is a male. I own a Cockatiel parrot also and a back yard avery full of finches and Quails. I love animals more then people as I'm not much of a people person and like to paint portraits of landscapes, animals e.t.c and love reading poetry.
    By the way, in case your wondering... this is a picture of my dog and her name is Jess, but unfortunately she was born blind and when ever I take a snap shot her eyes look pink in colour as though she looks evil. So what I did was, I placed a clean syringe inside her mouth and then taken a picture of her as if to say she is a dog drug user lol. The syringe is my Aunties for her insulin injections in case you were wondering.
    Thanx for excepting my friendship by the way and I think you and I have something in common when it comes to reading and writing. What do you enjoy writing or reading about, do you like horror or fiction?.
    Hi Fountain! and I enjoy reading and writing also. I love reading and watching Stephen King novals and movies and my favourite book and movie of his is no other than Misery. I live in Sydney Australia and enjoy keeping fit such as cycling,going to the gym and hiking and like to eat healthy. I also like to write short horror stories as a hobbie of mine as I'm a horror fanatic as well. I have a friendship request for you if your interested.
    Ahaha well good, I'm glad that Pope Innocent was able to shed some light on... whatever it was that you meant :D

    Really though, what did you mean by "Painting from Batman?" Was that painting used in one of the movies?
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