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  • Thanx for excepting my friendship by the way and I think you and I have something in common when it comes to reading and writing. What do you enjoy writing or reading about, do you like horror or fiction?.
    Hi Fountain! and I enjoy reading and writing also. I love reading and watching Stephen King novals and movies and my favourite book and movie of his is no other than Misery. I live in Sydney Australia and enjoy keeping fit such as cycling,going to the gym and hiking and like to eat healthy. I also like to write short horror stories as a hobbie of mine as I'm a horror fanatic as well. I have a friendship request for you if your interested.
    Ahaha well good, I'm glad that Pope Innocent was able to shed some light on... whatever it was that you meant :D

    Really though, what did you mean by "Painting from Batman?" Was that painting used in one of the movies?
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