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  • Yea I know how you feel, I'm obsessed with music yet I've never been to a concert. I actually tried it once but I had a really bad anxiety attack and had to leave. I wish I knew about Nirvana when they first came out it woulda been kool to see them at their peak....i think I was about 6 or 7 when they first came yea I'm really into grunge and the whole nineties era of was so much better then...
    I'm into basically depends on my mood which changes frequently....right now I'm really into alt rock though. I love Phoenix, Kings of Leon, Radiohead, but my fav band is still Nirvana....I can never get over how good they are....
    Yeah the second one is great too. I wouldn't say Mad max is social phobic, he was a loner for sure only because he had no one and he could trust no one.
    The first is the best by far followed by the second. ''The NIIIGGGHHHT RIIDEERRR!''
    thanks mr, its talking about ralph from "the portrait of a lady" in the book he is a sick man who knows he'll die young. his sickness makes him earthy, real, selfless because he has no future, serenity in ruin
    Yeah the season finale caught me off guard with that last scene. Season 5 might be the best yet, but it's got a lot to live up to.
    We got about eight inches of snow the first time around which was ok. I don't mind snow that much but now we got all the freezing rain which turned everything into that nasty slush. So now we got the power outages and flood watches going on. Gotta love winter lol.
    Hey man just dropping by to say whats up. Lol you enjoying our icy weather here?
    hahahaha i found it.
    Hey fairfax, Hope everythings going well for you at the moment. Thanks so much for your helpful advice, and bothering to take the time to answer my question! Hope to catch up with you again in the chat box soon.
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