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  • What msn? You don't have my msn lol! :) I think PM is possible now, or e-mail?
    Take care & hope things are well!! (or become so!!)
    Hi SPV! :) Did you get my e-mail? Sorry I've been busy, been a bit worried about you, hope you're allright-ish? :)
    Hi SPV! :) Nice to hear from you... I'm so-so, a bit stressed, but hopefully it'll get better! Didn't have so much access to internet recently... Did you get the e-mail? :)
    Hey SPV! Hope things get better!! ((Hugz)) I'm worried about you so please let us know how you're doing, okay?
    Hey pal, I haven't been on Msn for a while, my internet is silly lately.
    I'm doing ok, though, had a day dealing with lots of anxiety, so nothing fun
    and wish i could just went to my girlfriend, but i'm glad she's so understanding :)
    still hard since anxiety looks like its a part of me, wish i could throw it in the garbage ya know, but anxiety is a real messy awkward bastard.

    but still this week is the hella best thing going on, since i went back to high school after 3 years. so that is good after all.

    how are you doing my friend? hope everythings fine

    Thanks, SPV! :)
    We had a very good convo at msn, You are a cool friend:D
    I can relate a lot to you, and good luck on the vlog pal.
    Let me know when it's finnished, I will definitely comment it :D
    Hey hang in there and take care ^_^

    Your Friend,
    Man, your last post freaked me out. I'm seeing that your last visit to the forum was a couple hours after that. Are you ok?
    i believe it chatted to u b4.. & i remember u are much younger than me, which impressed me when u talked to me..
    thanks for your suggestion, i really think about that.. even at my age sometimes we cannot get enough encouragement for ourselves..
    im 41 male from philippines. i have an embarrassing story that i have experience to same male but i actually want to settle down to female relationship. i thinnk my HH condition makes it harder for me to engage communication with female. but generally i love outdoor and social activities..
    thanks again for advise and being a friend. do keep in touch..
    hey spv!!
    Hey SPV!! it's because I have a new msn! I guess you've added my old msn!
    I will pm you my new msn ;)

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