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  • mmmm ..... yes I love cheeses to self taught I don`t really thank so I thank my parents pointed a few things out to me. when I was young my sister boyfriend was my mentor who yoos to take me to his work and show me how he did everything. He got me doing alot of things that would never have tryed on my own. What is the strangest food you have ever eaten ?
    yes, I cook a few things I LOVE burritos. My first thing that I every learn to cook was a grilled cheese sandwich then I stared making eggs. Do you remember the first thing you learn to cook ?
    cilantro I don`t thank I every tasted that before. what kinds of meals do you like to use that on ?
    Hello Yarrow My favorite spicy food is any thing with Jalapeno on it. Do you have a favorite spicy food ?
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