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  • You should get close to the introverts, you'd have more in common with them.

    Rate you? o_O You talk just fine.
    Hello Bo - I didn't trick or treat, no - I was working :-( How was your Halloween? xx
    To be honest, not really - if I do feel that way, I just type things out here and sometimes find that it helps. Do you feel that way, then? You can always talk to me if you want to PM ever :) It always helps to get things off our chests xx
    Hey! Yeah, you too :D
    No, they are 2 different consoles so it doesn't work that way :(
    Things are okay... just tired from university and working my assignment..
    By the way I'm a girl! :p
    Fleeting thoughts occasionally but nothing I'd act upon. I don't think it is a solution. Curiosity will always keep me wondering what tomorrow will be like :p xx
    I LOVE almond Joy candy bars.
    Sometimes when I've had an especially hard day (stress, anxiety) I will go to youtube and watch some of the parody or stand up comedy. One of my favorite youtube video is
    'flashlights by MadTV" It is a bit old, about 6 years I think, but it's so darn funny.

    I wish there was a cure all for SA. If you stumble onto something, let me know! :)
    I definitely feel like I'm artistic and creative. I love to write and always have a lot of random things going through my head. Do you think that this is related to SA? I wonder if maybe SA quite introspective and perhaps this is where it links to the imagination - flexible use of the mind. The strange thing is part of me is glad to have experienced SA because I think its taught me things I mightn't ever have realised about my values and beliefs. xx
    Hello Bo :) I enjoy reading your posts too. Hows it going? I'm not sure that there is a definite cure to SA - I think of it as more of a habit which we need to try and 'exercise' our ways out of through thinking techniques/exposure/practise etc. I also think that SA can bring some benefits in a very roundabout way - even if it only means appreciating the good times much more! How about you? xx
    Hey Bo, How's it going?
    I like to think it's calm outside and yes, funny things do help. Sometimes, even if I haven't been outside in awhile, I like to 'cruise' YouTube and check out some funny stuff on there...kind of lightens my heart, if that makes sense.
    :) Thanks for stopping by!
    That's cool. I'm not a big ps3 fan but I think we might own that game on 360.
    Hey, that's okay too.
    But that sucks apart your family not keeping in touch :(
    You are most welcome :) I know it sucks being lonely! But we can change that :p Hmmm, so what do you like? I find that playing games helps my loneliness.

    To be honest I don't have many friends at all, which is why I like to play online games. Everyone's different :p

    Having people to talk to helps too. Do you live close to your family? Maybe you should give them a call and try and organize to catch up for lunch or something? There are some good sites to finding people all over the world to chat to - which can be pretty interesting :)

    I use to go on InterPals Penpals :: Make friends online and find free pen pals from around the world! but it was kind of annoying as people weren't very active.

    Hope some of the things I have said will help you!

    By the way, where abouts are you from? I'm from Australia~ G'day mate! :p
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