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    Trouble seeing

    So some time I have trouble seeing. My eye will get blurry and other time my eyes will strain I will keep blinking a lot. Most of the time when I am relax and at home I can see just fine. I look this up and find out that this is just anther side effect of anxiety. I wanted to be able to drive...
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    comforting a Mistake with others

    Feeling like the heart of all my social anxiety is worried about making a mistakes. I made a thread along time ago Called " three good things about mistakes" That I think is helpful for comforting in your head. Now I want to focus on bad stuff that will happen to you out side of your head and...
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    Question for people on disability ?

    I Google this before coming here and could not find any good support about what I was wanting to know. All I wanted to know was is there any good advice on How to switch from disability check to paycheck. But I hardly find any good answers or a lest not enough on what I wanted to know about. I...
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    Have you every done any of these things with online friends ?

    # watch stuff together watch a Netflix or Youtube while having a chat feature open. So you can talk about stuff during or after the show. # listen to music and Radio Together you listen to music on youtube or go to a radio like 8 Track. # play music together # learn stuff together join...
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    Q for meditation ?

    Hello it me again I been noticing some threads on meditation been popping up again. So I thought what better time start asking question about what would trouble me in the past when I would try to learn how to meditate. I have tried meditation before but did not get result like everybody else say...
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    three good things about mistakes

    I am tired of these impatient people in this world. The principal of learning that I remember is not the same as I used to remember. One of the most important thing in this world that every teacher and parents in this world need to have is patients. We all can do anything though time and effort...
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    Offer to a spouse

    Have you ever wonder what you have to offer a spouse or what you want in a spouse. Do you know what you have to offer to someone if you became their spouse So you will know what you need to show to them that can offer them. 1.) The listener : put a ear out so you can be heard and vent all...
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    skin deep or thought deep ?

    where do you think your anxiety is thought deep or skin deep ? thought deep mean that it has something to do with the way you are thinking. You have a pacific reason to why you have anxiety. you been bullied in the past or fail to understand something. skin deep It has to do with the...
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    are you wear a invisible sign ?

    are you wearing a invisible sign ? Do you guys ever feel like you have an invisible sign on you. That you not aware about that telling everyone around you that you are stupid , lame or mentally disable. will that the way I feel I tried telling myself that it all in my head that I just need to...
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    Can`t pop a pill

    So a couple of days ago I went and got surgery because for days I could not swallow my food I was starving for a whole month. the last thing that I wanted to do when I got better was think about poping a pill. sents I was a kid I could not pop a pill I always was afraid of poping a pill it was...
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    when you want to escape

    So what do you guys do when you want to escape and get away form everyone else. Because you are tried of everyone condemning and blaming everyone else and you feel like all your strength has been zap. How do you pick your self up and get your energy back . What do you do when you feel like you...
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    Not cut out to be different

    Does anybody else seem to have a passion that you can`t seem to shack off. or something that you enjoy doing that not really popular with the people around you. MY main goal in choosing a hobby was so it would help me meet lots of friends. My weird hobbies are playing video games and writing...
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    meeting friends though games

    Can you meet people though gaming. If so what games are best to play for helping you do so? So far the only games i play so far was gta 5 and call of duty. No friends still .
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    who am I ??????????????

    So if you don't know who you are how do you find. Out who are? How do you find what like ?Because I don't really like anything. How do you find out what you like to do because I don't really like doing anything. I do stuff but I don't really like it I just do it because it all I can think of to...
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    Happy spouse free day

    yeah everybody happy spouse free day. This is the one day of the year where we all celebrate the good life of being single. At the begging of the month the same month that valentine day fall on all the single people can go to your local post office and put your name down for being single and on...