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  • That's okay! I'm not that good at it either, and I'm doing great. How about you? :)
    Oh really? I just recently moved and I know how hectic that can be. I'm sure wherever you're moving to will be lovely and that things will work out just fine for you :)
    I know what your saying Bo but she has no idea how much I want to be with her.

    I guess I'll just be signing up as an organ donor now because I no longer have use for this heart of mine ::(:
    I got bad news Bo turn out after searching her username it turns up on the KKK forums and the race she hate most is half of me already ::(:

    The whole time she fought my orange-yellow skin was just my tribute to New Jersey Shore uneducation people.

    what an ignorant person :mad:
    I can't wait to propose to the love of my life! Although right now it might take a while because I need to shape up and be prepared. She has multiple children it looks like when she was a teen she would get pregnant a lot, makes sense seeing she comes from a state that's high in teen pregnancy. When I knew her a couple years ago she was only a teen but looks like she had many children already starting from when she had brown hair and also after she changed her looks when she saw the movie white oleander, it's going to be a big task marrying into a big family like that but I've been thinking about it for so long now I just need to give it time. I'm going to keep you close by for later in case I need a best man or something::eek::
    Hello there :)
    Hmm.. I wouldn't say I have a favorite food. I like too many different things. Italian is my favorite by far though.
    Ahh~ not specifically... I think right now the only time I turn on the television is to watch AMC's The Walking Dead.
    Do you have a favorite show?
    I've seen Detroit from the other side of the lake?
    Other than that, no.
    Canada is alot like anywhere in North America geographically, I guess...
    I don't know what to compare it to because I've never traveled.
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